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3 Top Reasons to Choose Equity Release

Like any other financial decision, choosing to release equity will mean that you will undoubtedly be loaded with questions. Since there are such a large number of various alternatives (Lifetime mortgages and Home reversion are most popular equity release options) and everyone has their own particular individual needs, it’s very much important to gain a thorough knowledge and understanding of equity release. Read more here www.londonequityrelease.net

Why Choose Equity Release

  • You Can Free Up Some Much-Needed Cash Against the Value of Your Own Home: By choosing a JP Morgan equity release plan, you can free up some much-needed cash against the value of your own home.  There are certain clauses, restrictions, and prerequisites depending on the type of plan you choose.
  • In some cases, lender don’t charge you any interest until you have to leave your home and relocate to a long-term care facility or in the event of your death.
  • Others allow you to make monthly payments in order to cover the overall interest cost and avoid having it accumulate.
  • Cover Your Living Expenses All the Way Throughout Your Retirement: Those individuals who are struggling financially, and their pension amount does not suffice, an equity release is just the best option to cover your living expenses all the way throughout your retirement.
  • Many house owners choose to buy a second property and either use it as a holiday home or give it out on rent just to earn an additional income.
  • Financial Independence: An equity release plan makes financial independence a possibility for everyone. Even though you are retired and no longer earning the same income you were supposed to, there’s absolutely no reason you cannot enjoy your life.
  • By accessing the money, you need in this way, you won’t need to dig yourself into debt by taking out another credit card, loan or going through the embarrassment of asking your family for financial help.

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