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4 Successful ways to make money with sweepstakes and surveys

These days Sweepstakes and surveys are getting very popular as these are the company’s primary tool to find out what their customers are expecting. It is very difficult for any brand to ask their customers to share their feedback without anything in return. There Sweepstakes plays the major role it bound their customers to share their opinion about the goods and service as they expect something in return.

But winning the Sweepstakes could be a nightmare because the percentage of the result is very low. Some have a high number of winners whereas others have only a few. Due to this, some companies came up with a new idea where they are offering a free cookie, drink and other small gifts which they can afford for every survey.

Here we are going to share some of the tips which would increase your probability of winning the Sweepstakes. it is really important to check what kind of sweepstakes and it’s reward associated with it. 

Some of the key factors that we should keep in mind while participating in the surveys

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  1. Enter in the Sweepstakes which has some value

There are tons of Sweepstakes out there over the internet so the first thing is that you need to choose which the right one is. Otherwise, you will end up wasting your time and since this is not an actual source of income time factor is an important aspect.  Usually, I take only those surveys which are associated with my daily routines such as purchasing goods from the supermarket, dining at the restaurants or fast food outlets, and could be any other brand which is related to my work. Here are some of the surveys which you can try

a tellsubway

b talktowendys

c survey Walmart

d mykfcexperience

  1. Participate as many as you can

If you have selected the surveys which are part of your daily routine it would help to save you lots of time and efforts. This way you can increase the number of entries in sweepstakes. Make a list of all the surveys which you can easily take and then participate on the basis of their frequencies. More the number of surveys you participate higher your chance of winning.

  1. Don’t add sweepstakes in your list just because it has high reward

Don’t participate just because there is a high reward attached to it.  First review how many number of winners are there? Do they have consolation prizes other than the grand prize? Because if there is only a single winner the probability would quite lower.  For example, Walmart survey offering $1000 to their 5 winners whereas 750 customers are going to get $100 gift card so this one is worth participating.  

  1. Keep entering the same Sweepstakes until you make it. 

If you have not won the Sweepstakes it does not mean you shouldn’t participate in your next eligibility. You should keep doing this until you make it. And this is more effective in those surveys which are part of your daily routine. It only takes a couple of minutes to complete whereas a reward attache to them is quite high. In fact, it can redeem your whole efforts in one winning. 

Bottom Line

Sweepstakes and surveys are not the actual sources of money making. However, it works two ways for us, first, it provides feedback to the company and secondly also provide an opportunity to win some rewards. Even if we don’t win we eventually get improved services and product. So we should try to participate as many surveys as we can but make sure we are not wasting our valuable time only in participating in the surveys. Make a list of only those who are valuable and convenient for you. 


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