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A guide to follow for the safe mixing of bitcoins

Bitcoin blockchain records every transaction as it is a public ledger. One can also name bitcoin mixing as bitcoin tumbling. This is the process of breaking a connection between the address of sending bitcoins to the address they are sent via a third party service. It is critical to mix coins for the persons who do not want the entire world to know about the address of bitcoins. It may look like a daunting task to the people who are unfamiliar with it. You can follow the bitcoinmix.org for mixing the bitcoins.

It is important to mix the bitcoins especially to those who are using darknet markets. There is always an invention of new tools for private corporations, public and Government agencies to increase the ability. It may look as useless, but it will gain importance in future. Mixing of Bitcoins will let you know about the transactions in bitcoins by you.

Steps for mixing bitcoins

The steps for mixing bitcoins are as follows-

  • Firstly make a wallet on the Clearnet.
  • Then you will have to buy bitcoins and send the amount for mixing to the wallet.
  • Then you will be sending the bitcoins from the first wallet to the second wallet.
  • It is important that you make a third wallet over the Tor network
  • Next is the process of selecting the mixer. After selecting the mixer, set up the transactions from the third wallet. It is best when you use multiple wallets with a random delay of time.
  • Next process involves in sending the coins from the second wallet to the address as per the mixer generated address. You will be doing this over Tor.
  • Make sure that you are having a deposit address while your Javascript is not an enable condition.
  • After the arriving of coins, you will have to restart the Tor. Then send the coins to their eventual destination or market address.

These are few steps which you can follow to mix your bitcoins. Today this I not so important but you will notice the usefulness in future. Some disadvantages are also there which includes the record of mixing of coins is with the mixing companies also. They will be knowing the address where your coins are. To maintain further safety, you can do a second mixing service. Know your transactions, this will be helpful to you only. You only will realize the benefits layer.

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