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Atom Bank – App-Based Bank

In recent years, the world faced different types of difficulties and on time was processing the new updates. However the new improvements in the different spheres like financial and banking, opened the new opportunities and on time new challenges for the global community. Nevertheless, today we are facing new types of services and online platforms that are providing users with special services. In this short article we want to write about Atom Bank as one of the successful ideas in the UK, discovering its features and observing how we can trust this platform.

Atom Bank & Its Features

As mentioned above, Atom bank is the UK idea, the first digital bank that is licenced and regulated by the UK banking system without any physical branches. Atom is a totally online platform and its mobile app is available for both android and ios users. The idea of Atom bank was to create a bank that works totally for customers; nevertheless if we look at some of the main features of this platform, we will understand that it is true. Atom is offering two different types of savings plans for their users, Instant and Fixed saver; both plans will help customers better save their funds. Also Atom is providing online users with the possibility to have a mortgages from wherever they are and in anytime; simply users will be able from their home observe the best deals, have a free dealer from Atom to assist them in this way and live be inform about new changes and new deals that are available in the platform. Should be noted that Atom bank is the winner of the best customer service award in UK banking service and secure online platform.

The Security of Atom Bank

Today, with all improvements in technology and the electronic world, the issue of security in online services is becoming bolder than before. However in the case of Atom bank everything is different. This platform decided to use the latest updates in technology for security of their platform and users because Atom can go wherever that customer’s phone or tablet is going, So in this case, Atom is not just offering traditional password format but also using the biometric technology for the ease of their online users. This technology will use the face and voice of the customers for giving them the access to their accounts; just in case there will be passcode availability too. It not only makes the customer’s account more secure, but also it is more comfortable for users to access their accounts. Worthy to mention that Atom is planning to introduce the Touch ID or fingerprint recognitions in the nearest future.


Definitely, in these difficult times and in the digital age, new ideas and services like Atom Bank can be a way out for users around the world to manage their financial issues, save their time and feel more comfortable about the safety of their funds, especially on online platforms.

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