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Benefits of Having Customs Clearance Services

All goods that you buy directly from China have to pass through the procedure of customs. The purpose is proper appraisal, assessment and examination. This is essential for the custom authorities to charge proper tax on China product sourcing and prevent any goods against the illegal export and import. Certain companies can lower the customs clearance time by giving precise and accurate specifications and quantity of imported goods. One should be well versed on how to import from China and get guidance form experts like Eastern Buyer, to know more about importing products from Yiwu and any other region.

Customs clearance or Customs Broking is a crucial part of import-export Business. If anybody is involved in this business or consistently ship to other countries or overseas, then they must be aware of the customs clearance as well as other duties, taxes, and surcharges.

Each country around the world has its own customs rules and regulations. Most of the business owners are not familiar with the international laws. There are some items which are banned by Government or require special permits. To ensure a timely delivery and arrival of the goods, it is advisable for business owners to hire a good custom clearance service.

One can also declare the details of their goods to the customs in advance and offer the documents before the arrival and once the imports have been dispatched. The customs surveillance zone keeps the goods for a good 3 days following the arrival of the goods, where they will examine the goods directly before releasing them. The declaration as well as customs data can be seen on the customs site. The data gets analyzed by the customs receipt is made ready and sent. Custom duties are to be paid by bank transfer when you buy direct from China.

There are different document required for the custom clearance when you import from China and which will vary according to the products. However, there are some standards followed for the documents to be presented and these documents include the packing list, the invoice, the bill of lading, the insurance policy, customs declaration, the sale contract as well as the inspection certificate. There are other licenses of safety and quality too when importing from China.

All food products necessitate an examination by the Department of health and you will discover that certain items are prohibited from entering or leaving China when sourcing products from China. These include counterfeit currencies, arms, documents related to Chinese cultural and moral interests, etc. One needs to be careful when dealing with animals and plants, foods, medicines or any other articles coming from disease-stricken areas.

The imported or exported goods that you buy from china direct must be declared at the customs and the customs will examine them carefully before releasing them. All shipments and imports from china get according to their commodity HS codes and only those shipments that fulfill specific criteria are exempted from taxes. One needs to contact Customs General Administration or an expert on import from China like Eastern Buyer.

With a Ata carnet, you need not worry about the documentation work involved in the customs clearance process. They are responsible for verification of the documents and even they deliver solutions to their clients in case of any missing document.

Timely delivery of the products and services is an important thing to any trader. A good agency with their strategies and ahead planning guaranteed timely and damage free delivery of the goods to the designated location.

Missing of a single paperwork can cause endless troubles in customs clearance process. But you can ensure a safe and hassle-free transportation with the reputed agency as they are all aware of the changing international shipping rules and regulations.

There is no doubt that customs clearing agents offer an obstacle-free way of transporting goods to their designation.

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