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Some new forex traders believe that it is quite important for them to choose best forex welcome bonuses in order to enjoy profits. However, it would be wrong to choose forex welcome bonuses without having good insights into brokers. It is a must-do duty for new traders to follow some underlying information and steps. In fact, myriad of traders do not pay closer attention to these things, which led to unexpected situations. In my opinion, we should all be more prudent to choose best forex welcome bonus. Through this article, it would be far easier for you to capture some valuable information before choosing suitable welcome bonus forex 2018.

1.Ways to cheat on forex bonus programs

It is the fact that having more benefit from cheating on forex bonus programs can be a preferable method applied by the number of traders.

  1. Normally, traders try to create new accounts at the same time, and they then try to hedge two newly ones so as to have a win rate of 50%. However, it would be arduous for us to apply this one unless brokers have loose withdrawal policies.
  2. The second way is that we can create new accounts to get more positions. After that, we can make use of high leverages to open large positions, and get profit.
  1. Can we find brokers with the best welcome bonus programs?

As usual, it is not difficult for us to know how to find brokers who offer good welcome bonuses in forex market. Due to the fact that I have traded with the variety of big forex brokers, I therefore can make a list of top 3 forex brokers who have good welcome bonus programs. The compelling reason of making a list of these three forex brokers is to help you choose suited welcome bonus program. In reality, XM,FBS, and FXTM are three top brokers with best welcome bonus programs.

  • XM
  • FBS
  • FXTM

In terms of these three brokers, XM would be the best choice for new traders because they not only have great welcome bonus program but also offer 100% bonus on new deposition.

  1. Can we withdraw our forex bonus profits?

It would be great for us to know whether or not we can withdraw our profit in terms of forex bonus profits. Apparently, brokers tend to offer their customers some certain withdrawal requirements if we want to withdraw profit. Therefore, we should focus on what these requirements are. There are two factors that we need to follow if we withdraw our profit.

  • Completed trading lot requirements

It is true that the vast majority of forex brokers will have you complete a certain amount of trading before withdrawing benefit. Sometimes, traders have to deposit a great deal of money in order to finish trading lot requirement.

  • No direct bonus withdrawal

After experiencing many brokers, I realized that they want to limit their customers from withdrawing bonuses because of cheaters and exploiters. By doing this way, brokers will be able to prevent cheaters from having more profits.

  1. Top four great forex brokers.

To be honest, I used to trade with many different brokers, I thus can make a list of top forex brokers easily. Here are four forex brokers with great bonus programs that you can benefit a lot from.

  • Best welcome remuneration – XM: 30$ welcome remuneration
  • Best welcome remuneration – FBS: 50$ welcome remuneration
  • Best deposit remuneration – XM: 100% deposit remuneration
  • Lot Back Bonuses – Exness: Rebate 2 – 16$ per lot => Exness sign up.


  1. Some certain criteria of good forex welcome bonuses

With a view to knowing whether a broker is suitable for us or not, we need to consider different aspects. As a result, it would be better for traders to look at some following certain standards.

  • Straightforward withdrawal conditions

The majority of traders have a tendency to choose brokers with easy withdrawal conditions. It is because they want to familiarize with forex market by enjoying welcome bonus at the beginning. On the other hand, many brokers do not offer their customers withdrawal conditions, and they try to ask their clients for many things. In reality, you can still withdraw your benefit when you trade with bonus money. This leads to the fact that many brokers have a certain condition which comes with withdrawing bonus. To be more specific, the minimum lot traded will be illustrated by these following forex brokers.

  • XM is considered to be the best one which does not require much from their traders. If you want to trade with this broker, you only need to finish 0.1 lot traded, then you can get your profit without any trouble.
  • FXTM is also a good choice for forex traders because they require us to complete 1 lot traded, which allows us to withdraw profit.
  • FBS, in fact, has 123 bonus programs. You can enjoy the highest profit if you finish your each lot traded is $3.
  • Higher welcome bonus value

It is no doubt true that the multitude of traders would like to have welcome bonus amount as high as possible. It is hard for a trader to be satisfied when they can low welcome bonus amount. From my personal experience, FBS is offering the highest welcome bonus amount that you can withdraw, which is $123.

  • Reliable forex brokers

The greatest thing for traders is that they can find trusted forex brokers, who always offer them a variety of good trading conditions. In order to choose a reliable forex brokers, you might need to experience different ones. XM, for me, is regarded as the best brokers because their credibility and transparency.

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