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Characteristics of Cobots that Make it suitable for your business of irrespective of size

Collaborative robots or cobots are robots that as their name suggests work collaboratively with human staff mostly in factory floors. Companies that have already adopted cobots have nothing but praise for them.

Cobots especially those from https://www.universal-robots.com/  that manufactures and has sold thousands of them to companies all over the world are suitable for companies of all sizes and in diverse industries.

Cobots have features and characteristics that make it suitable for companies that need to produce a high quality product at optimal cost to ensure customer satisfaction and market share growth.

Here are some unique cobot features that ensure it suits your operation and help you meet your business goals.

High safety standards

Cobots are designed to meet the highest safety standards to ensure that they can work alongside humans without the risk of fatal injuries unlike traditional robots. As part of their design, cobots can sense human presence and slow down their working process or stop altogether. This ensures that it does not come into contact with human staff while it is working. In this way, it ensures that the working space is safe for both the cobot and human colleague without risk of injury to either of them.

Machine learning

Cobots have the capacity to be taught tasks and to perform them independently. Therefore if you are a small business that is constrained by resources you can acquire a cobot. You can then teach it how to perform a particular task. This can be done in two ways; by hand guiding or using a specialized software.

You can hold the cobot by hand, set it in learn mode and perform a particular task following all the process. After that, you can command your cobot to perform that task. Secondly, you can program into the cobot the steps to follow to complete a specific task.

This gives you time to focus on other parts of the business such as sales and marketing as the cobot handles your production.

Easy to program

Cobots are designed to be easy to program. If you are a small business that cannot afford a fulltime robot programmer, the cobot is highly suitable for your business. A cobot is designed to be operated and programed simply by the worker who works with it to complete specific tasks.

After the initial training, a factory worker can easily program the cobot to perform different tasks. This saves the company time and money that could be spent hiring a professional programmer.

It can be assigned to different tasks

Unlike the traditional robot, the cobot can be assigned to different tasks. Different tasks have different processes for perfect completion. All that is required is to ensure that the cobot has been taught or programmed to perform those tasks. When it is through with one task, it can then be reprogrammed fast and issued with instructions to perform a different task.

It is small and compact

Unlike traditional robots, a cobot is a small, compact and handy robot. It can be held by hand and used to complete different tasks fast and effectively. In addition, if different tasks assigned to the cobot are in different parts of the factory, it can be easily moved and setup to complete different tasks.

To a small or large company, a cobot’s size is space saving and allows the company to utilize its business space efficiently.

Return on Investment

According to cobot manufacturers and sellers, the average pay back period for cobots is about one year to eighteen months. To a company, whether big or small, an investment in a cobot is a good investment. It will enhance and improve productivity. It will also lead to accuracy and precision therefore increasing the quality of products produced. This leads to increasing sales and therefore more profits for the company. Cobots will therefore provide a great return to any organization that acquires and uses them efficiently.

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