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Contract Hire Leasing: A Simple YetUseful Guide

There has been a definite move towards the contract lease Peugeot, not just because it provides known and easily budgeted costs but also there areno hidden surprises. But what is contract hire leasing exactly and how does it work?

What Is Contract Hire Leasing?

  • It’s the most popular form of vehicle leasing in the United Kingdom (UK), and enables the end user to hire a vehicle/car for a fixed period of time and pre-determined mileage, in return for a settled month to month contract enlist rental.
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How Does Contract Hire Work?

  • There is no option for you to buy the vehicle and, towards the end of the agreement, it is come back to the leasing company and checked for mileage drivenand condition.
  • The monthly contract hire leasing rental considers the cost of the vehicle, including (1) vehicle registration fees, (2) road tax, (3) period of use and agreed mileage, (4) funding costs and (5) forecast residual value, which is the vehicle’s estimated value at the end of the agreement.

How Is The Cost Of Contract Hire Calculated?

  • Vehicle mileage is a standout amongst the most essential factors in computing the rental expenses in light of the fact that the quantity of miles driven hasmajor implications for both the vehicle’s (1) service requirements and (2) resale value.
  • The choice of vehicle modelis also a major factor. Two vehicles can have an almost equal price, yet in the event that one has a significantly higherestimated residual value – will be revealedin a lower monthly rental rate and vice versa.

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