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Dealing With Car Rollback in Manual Transmission

Do you have your own car now? Cars might be more of a luxury to some but there are people out there who need a car not because they want to brag but rather because they want to survive with their everyday errands. Yes, a car to some is part of their basic needs already Thus if you are one of them and you are having a hard time getting one, you can just settle with one of the used certified cars in Bangalore below 1 lakh.

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A little warning though if you plan to get a car with a manual transmission, you have to be careful when driving in sloppy terrains as these types of cars are known to roll back and you might hit another car.

Here are some tips that might help you in situations like the one mentioned above:

  1. Do a complete stop

If you are faced with this kind of terrain especially when you are about to make a turn, you should stop completely making use of the footbrake or the handbrake. Most of the time, drivers will use the handbrake freeing their other foot so that it can easily switch to the gas pedal, without rolling back.

  1. Use the hill-assist

The hill-assist feature might not available in all types of cars. However, if you have this in your car, you will certainly feel it. Just use the handbrake when you need to stop uphill and the car will stop from rolling back for about 2 seconds.

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