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Doing Business Globally with Paul McCarthy from Cork, Ireland

With today’s technology, being a businessman locally is a great thing but in order to be really successful, you need a worldwide experience.

Just check out Paul McCarthy Cork on Inc network and see how he made a fortune by not being scared of traveling around the world looking for investors in his blockchain business. Experience and seeing how to world manages to stay on top of their game is so important that it’s essential to have this in your pocket.

Based on his experience, in this article, we’re transferring some of the thoughts that will make you a successful person in the field you’re working on. Follow up and learn more!

What is the main benefit?

The most important in trying to extend your network globally is talking to a lot of different people. They all have their own cultures and own habits that make them special. You can learn a little from everyone if you’re just opened for this.

Companies grow thanks to always improving and accepting the latest trends. You can’t be a part of these trends if you don’t follow what’s going on in the world, right? Sure, the internet is here to tell you all about it, but it’s different when you talk and exchange experience with live people that all have their own ideas and visions.

It’s important that you share your thoughts too and this is a chance for a big brainstorming with people who are already successful in what they do. Getting some of their ideas and accept them as your own can be really helpful. See how brainstorming helps on this link.


Can you make a profit out of this?

Of course. The most important part of making huge profits for a reasonable time is being among the first to invest in something that’s about to grow huge. You need to be a pioneer, a visionary, someone who’s able to look into the future and see how things are going to move.

If you’re good at what you do, you can convince people from all around the world to invest in your idea. For example, Paul McCarthy invested in cryptocurrencies. He was among the first people in Ireland and probably the only one in Cork to do this. However, Cork is a city with no more than 130.000 people. Most of them are not interested in investing in something revolutionary.

If you’re coming from a small place, where everyone minds their own business you know how hard it is to make them support your ideas. Sometimes even your family is not supportive and what’s left for the neighbors and other people.

Making connections with people from out of town can be really helpful. Big places, like Dublin, London, New York, can offer a wide variety of investors just looking for someone to come and present their ideas. If you have a dream, a plan, and you’re skilled in what you do, it will be too easy to find someone that will fund a start-up, a campaign, or your company in general.

Can Paul help with this?

Sure, he can. Among the other things, he works as a business consultant and can help you with your start-up as he previously did a countless number of times. It’s important to have someone experienced by your side and someone who already did all of this.

When you walk up to an important businessman, you have to show an attitude and shine with confidence. If you don’t know how to do this your plans will probably fail, you won’t get a dime, and your company will fall apart. See here how to talk to investors: https://www.cfo.com/growth-companies/2011/05/5-tips-for-talking-to-investors/

But, if you learn how to behave, choose the right words, and have a helping hand in getting the high circles of the investors, you can launch your campaign in a matter of days because money won’t be a problem.


It doesn’t matter where you come from, what matters is are you going to do something to make it globally. Are you going to whine that it’s impossible, or you’re going to spend some resources on learning and growing as a person? Think about this and make a decision that will change your life.

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