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Enhance Dignity of the Ceremony with Elegant Challenge Coins

Custom Challenge Coins has been first introduced in Military for rewarding the soldiers for their bravery and exemplary behavior. But with passing years it has come out of the vicinity of the Military and presently has been widely used in government, civil and non-profit organization.

Innovative way to eulogize

Regardless of the types of organization it has been a formal procedure to reward the employee for his/her special contribution or achievement. Recognition not only boosts morale of the achiever but also creates a sense of healthy competition among the employee which in turn enhances organizational growth.

When it comes to recognition we get confined with traditional methods such as trophy, badge, plaque, gift coupon, voucher, etc. But with stylish challenge coins we can change the perception of rewarding and motive the employees simultaneously implement a rich culture among the organization.

The tradition of rewarding the war heroes and braves in the war field with the Challenge coins are still an important and inevitable practice in military. Law Enforcement and Firefighter organizations also follow same process of praising their staff for outstanding contribution in respective fields.

Other apparent benefits

Challenge coins embedded with the organization logo helps to promote the brand name more effectively than other branded paraphernalia such as cap, mug, T-shirt, bags, etc. as the receiver will definitely showoff the unique possession and simultaneously your brand name will get promoted.

Challenge coins can be effectively used for welcoming special and honorable guests for functions instead of flowers and cheap badges and can enhance the gravity of the ceremony. Even the high officials of many countries gift it as a token of tribute to the representatives of other countries.

Things to consider

Once you decide to customize the challenge coins per your requirement and budget choose a reputed custom challenge coins provider who give importance to every single details and work in synchronization with you for creating your dream coin. There are various renowned providers like Max Custom Challenge Coins who can provide you great coins altogether.

Consider few factors before contacting any challenge coin company:

    • Enquiry– The customer care representative should be easily contacted through simple means of communication like email, phone or filling simple form. The support team should be friendly and knowledgeable enough to address all the concerns and queries of the clients appropriately and fast. The quick response within few business hours will show the sincerity of the company.
    • Quotation– Get instant quotes as per coins specification or discuss with the support team for detailed information. The price of the coins will vary as per material, dimension, color, design, quantity, etc. So first determine the exactly what you want and then proceed with designing and manufacturing part.

  • Place order- After placing order the real work starts. The expert designer should be in touch with the clients in every stage of development process and keep on revising the progress till the customer is satisfied.
  • Timely delivery- Evaluate the cost and delivery time of the assignment. Most of the reputed company deliver the products with 10 days and are very cost effective.



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