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Enjoy a La Carte Office Space with a Virtual Suite in the Philippines

If you are currently on the hunt for a new home, it could be time to take your business to one of the fastest growing markets on the planet. The Philippines is hugely popular with tech companies and entrepreneurs right now, because it offers lots of financial support.

Since the early 1990s, the government has made a significant effort to help foreign investors settle in the country. There are tax deductions and exemptions for some, income tax breaks, and an easy path to a resident status for business owners. Plus, the workforce here is very strong, and most locals have excellent English skills.

One of the simplest ways to expand into the Philippines is with virtual office solutions. These flexible, ‘pay as you go’ suites minimise overheads, risk, and downtime.

All the Perks for Less

With a virtual workspace, it is possible to enjoy a premium, top of the line suite for much less than you might think. Check out www.servcorp.com.ph/en/virtual-offices/ to find out more about these prestigious locations.

The reason that they are so affordable is that the office space is made available on a ‘come as you please’ basis. All maintenance, utility and administrative costs are distributed among the registered tenants, who share the space and the corporate resources.

Impress with Your Address

It does not matter where you go in the world; image is everything. If you want to impress investors and potential partners in the Philippines, you need to put your best foot forward. The easiest way to achieve it is to grab a great corporate address.

It should wow on paper and gets major market players feeling curious about who you are and what you do. It is not always possible for younger companies to afford upmarket offices in high profile locations, especially not at regular rates. It is why the most secure option is to register with a virtual provider and claim the address as your own.

Room to Breathe and Grow

There is nothing more crucial for a young business than having the flexibility to grow and diversify. The problem is that it can be near impossible when you are renting office space long term. In the Philippines, many conventional leases last a minimum of two years (often longer).

So, they end up trapping start-ups in unsuitable conditions. They are forced to sit and wait while other companies expand fast or accept a hefty termination penalty for leaving the agreement. Virtual offices are the solution because there are no long-term contracts. Most providers renew tenant agreements on a rolling month by month basis.

Hopping All Over Town

It is also worth considering how valuable virtual offices are for entrepreneurs who travel extensively around a single region. You do not have to own a branch in a handful of international cities to take advantage. You might have a lot of different clients and partners spread out around Southeast Asia and need an affordable way to hop from town to town.

It is easy if you pick an office provider that is happy to let you access virtual facilities in different locations. In fact, you could set up a permanent base in your preferred city and use virtual workspaces at stop off points when you need to travel. The same applies to your partners and even your employees if you need them to contribute remotely.

Why Location Really Is Everything for a Business

While it is true that there are lots of different ways to do business these days, it is still important to find a base and a home where you feel comfortable. In a new city or a new country, your office will be your sanctuary and your retreat; a place where you are in control, even when the stakes are high and the pressure to succeed is heavy. Make your office an environment which is creative, nurturing, and a good fit for your company values.


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