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Financing a Photography Business: More Income, Lesser Cost

Photography can be a profitable business. Photography is directly used in arts, film production, mass communication, and even for hobby or recreational purposes.  In addition, photographers are hired for professional photoshoot sessions and special occasions and events.

However, buying high-quality photography equipment is a bit expensive.  But thanks to companies like Loan Owl Singapore that can finance photography equipment, it makes pursuing this career easier than ever.

That’s when you get thinking about getting into photography, you need to consider what to offer as a service, and how to minimize your costs (and thus increase your profitability).

That’s why in this blog post I’ll talk about tips for maximizing your revenue as a photographer. Then, we’ll discuss in length how you can finance photography equipment.

Different Ways to Maximize Your Income as a Photographer

Some people think that photography businesses aren’t that profitable. What they don’t know is that photography business can offer an array of photoshoot programs and packages. In addition, as you would expect, some programs/packages are more profitable than others.

Before you apply for financing advice at Loan Owl Singapore, look at the different ways you can expand your photography business first.

1) Offer Smaller Mini-Sessions

To avoid this from happening in your photography business, try offering mini-sessions. You can charge $80 for a quick 20- to 30-minute shoot. Some photographers use mini-sessions to get new clients and later can book them for larger events.

If your customer is satisfied with your service, there’s a possibility that they’re going to book you during regular events such as holidays or birthdays.

2) Consider to Try Stock Photography

Stock photography can also increase our income. Try selling your photos through photography websites such as Alamy and Shutterstock. Stock photography is a profitable industry because there are many businesses that use stock photos for commercial use.

The ROI (Return on investment) for stock photography depends on how many images you are going to sell. Usually, the images can only sell for a few cents to a few dollars.

3) Shoot for Free and for a Cause

Generally, having a free shoot won’t give you an income. However, this is a great way to create a large number of your connections. Having a shoot for a cause will get your name a good recognition. What’s more is that you’re donating to a good cause for those who are in need.

Free photoshoots sessions will benefit you in the end because it can help you gain life-long clients. Remember, people often do businesses with people who they trust and have a positive outlook in life.

Getting Finance Photography Equipment

Offering rebates, promos, and holding events can help you grow your profit. But what’s more significant in increasing your sales is the satisfaction of your customers.

When your clients are happy with your work, then they are highly likely to book you again for future events. They may even refer you to big companies.

In addition, of course, the key to achieving customer satisfaction (aside from mad photography skills) is by using top-notch photography equipment.

It’s fair to think that high-quality photography tools come at a high price. So if you think your capital isn’t enough to acquire these expensive items, consider getting external funds from financing companies to finance photography equipment for you— one of which is Loan Owl Singapore.

Banks are great options too, but they usually set higher standards and rigid requirements, making them less of an option.

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