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Knowing the right currency pairs to trade is one of the biggest challenges most traders must contend with. They also struggle with knowing when to buy or sell a currency pair. ForexSignals helps such prospective traders address these issues and overcome their initial fears.

ForexSignals always pops up when you search for the best Forex trading signals. The Forex signal provider has been in the industry for years. It has successfully carved a niche for itself as a force to reckon with. 

What is responsible for this signal provider’s astronomical growth? Why is ForexSignals considered a heavyweight in the industry? This article takes a critical look at the Forex trading signals provider and highlights its features, including the pros and cons of using the Forex broker. 

ForexSignals’ Features

Some of this Forex signals provider’s attributes are: 

It provides tested strategies: On its website, ForexSignals promises to provide “tested strategies, powerful tools, and experienced traders” to put its clients through trading. The provider believes the provided knowledge will make a massive difference for traders. 

Naked Trading Strategy, FX Propulsion Strategy, and Trend Surfing Strategy are proven trading strategies that can boost a trader’s trading skills. 

It offers a wide range of services: While ForexSignals primarily provides trading signals, Forex traders can also receive market analysis from its team of experienced traders-turned mentors. That is aside from the opportunity to review Forex currency pairs in real-time via its daily live streams. 

During the daily live streams, watch experienced trading mentors giving a detailed analysis of the Forex market. In the chat room, traders can watch live streams five times daily. Seize the opportunity to clear your doubts and concerns by asking relevant questions to improve your Forex market’s knowledge. 

Trading Room: Traders can also brainstorm and exchange trading ideas with others via the platform’s Trading Room. Available every minute of the day, the Trading Room is packed with everything a trader needs to master the art of Forex trading and trade like a pro. Here, you will find effective strategies, tested and proven tools, and traders from across the globe. The icing on the cake? Membership is free. 

Tons of training resources: The Forex broker also provides tons of training resources for potential traders with limited trading knowledge. It provides eBooks, videos, and other resources for this purpose. These resources are designed by the broker’s experienced mentors who turn their personal trading experiences into training resources for newbie traders. 

Occasional podcasts: To boost its client’s morale through top traders’ success stories, ForexSignals hosts podcasts occasionally. The podcasts highlight the successful traders’ personality, risk attitude, challenges, and how they overcame the challenges that stood between them and success. 

Pros and Cons of ForexSignals

Aside from its attractive features, there are several other reasons why you should consider incorporating the signals that ForexSignals provide into your trading toolbox. Some of the pros of using the platform’s trading signals are:


  • Affordable trial subscription. 
  • Low monthly cost.
  • Easy-to-follow and reliable trading signals.
  • Top-notch customer service. 


The notable flaws in the Forex trading signals provider are: 

  • Overdependence on the signal provider.
  • Manual trading. 

Closing Remarks:

Since it was established in 2012 by a Forex trader, ForexSignals has continued to bridge the gap between newbie and experienced traders through its avalanche of training resources, practical assistance, trading tips, and trading signals. 

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