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Getting Oriented with Belt and Road Initiative

Belt and Road initiative is proposed by China in the year of 2013. Until this date, it is still being talked about and in fact, at the summit, this is one of the agenda. This project is meant to connect 65 countries which are the leaders when it comes to the business aspects. This will also open up 6 corridors to generate bridges in the maritime aspect.

A lot has been said about the Belt and Road initiative like maybe this is just a political move from China and they are just trying to strengthen their global influence. Of course, it goes without saying that all the rumors are rejected by China and that this just their gift to the world. They want to help those countries that are neglected by the West and at the same time, they also aim to be more open to other countries.

All countries are welcome, according to the author of Belt and Road initiative though there are a lot of talks that the neighboring areas are excluded being they are in dispute with China. Thus there are also talks that this is just a project that will benefit China the most.

Actually, though there are already some who claim that they have seen the plan for Belt and Road initiative, still it is denied by those who know better as up until now, there is still no official plan being shown for this initiative. Everything is still vague.

Are you also curious about Belt and Road initiative? If you are, you can do a little digging yourself as there are a lot of blogs about this project. There are a lot of opinions as well as some comments you will easily find online.

The bottom line is since this is from China, then, of course, this should benefit them the most.

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