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Gymnastics Fundraiser Ideas

Is it accurate to say that you are becoming weary of doing the same old and ineffective gymnastics fundraisers at your school? Let’s have a second of truth here – seriously, car washes and bake sales fundraisers are getting old, and they probably won’t fetch envisioned funds for your gymnastic fundraiser. People want something new, something fresh and unique, not those car wash fundraisers that you have been doing for many years now.

These days, people who get the best results with little effort are people who aren’t afraid to try something new. If you want to raise any tangible funds for your gymnastic fundraiser this year and subsequent years, you must be ready to think outside the box and do something amazing. For this reason, we have cherry-picked some of the most amazing gymnastics fundraiser ideas of all time. Certainly, these fundraiser ideas will help you empty the pockets of your audience. Without any further ado, let’s take a look at some of the most effective gymnastic fundraiser ideas of 2019.

  1. Organize a disco night fundraiser

Apparently, people who lived through the 1970s and 1980s can’t seem to get enough of the disco nights of those days. As a matter of fact, people who didn’t get to experience the disco life of the 70s often look for places and songs that would take them back to the 70s and 80s. Aficionados of the 1970s disco life will not only honor an invitation to relive the days of the Bee Gees, but they won’t also mind paying substantial amounts for this invitation. Which means you and your gymnastics team can raise a lot of money satisfying their (parents and guardians) crave for the disco life of the 1970s. Even better, you can raise more funds by organizing 1970s games and door prizes that are rigged to favor the house. Also, if you want to raise extra funds for your gymnastics team, you can sell drinks and other types of refreshments while they dance the night away. At the end of the day, you’ll be raising money with this gymnastic fundraiser event whilst having fun with your gymnastic team.

  1. Organize a charity yard sale fundraiser

Okay, this is probably the only gymnastic fundraising idea that you and your team can do with zero funds as capital. All you need to do is to ask people to donate items that are no longer useful for them instead of allowing those items to rot away in their basement. These items can be clothes, jewelry, furniture, painting, appliances, homeware, kitchenware, books, toys and so on. You know how it is… what you consider as trash is another man’s treasure. This goes without saying that you shouldn’t sell damaged or inferior products during your fundraiser event.  What you want to do in this case, is to gather all that you have acquired from friends, co-workers, family, etc. on one spot. Afterward, pick only the best items out of the pile for your charity yard sales. This way, you won’t need to convince people to buy items from your charity yard sale. They’ll gladly buy your items since you are offering top quality products at giveaway prices.

  1. Organize a Rent-a-gymnast fundraiser

A standout among the many benefits of this gymnastic fundraiser idea is the fact that you’ll get 100% profit. To achieve this, you and your gymnastics team would have to offer yourselves to families within your vicinity: to trim their garden, clean their home, care for their pets, watch their kids and any other household task that is required of you. As a rule of thumb, families that rent-a-gymnast from your organization would pay the specified fee for every 30 minutes that your gymnast speeds in their home. This fundraiser idea is pretty straight forward and a great way to raise tangible funds for your gymnastics team.

  1. Sell personalized phone cases

Raise your hand if you don’t have a smartphone? Everybody does – at least everybody that is old enough to use a smartphone. Which means you can raise a lot of money selling customized phone cases to people in your school, area and anywhere else. Hint: when you are trying to market your personalized phone cases to people, make sure you target moms. They like this type of stuff.

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