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How to Buy Artworks on 0xowns.art using Ethereum?

If you are new to cryptocurrencies and Ethereum, here is a little detail for you. But you have to know, if you don’t own Ethereum, you can’t buy artworks from https://0xowns.art/.

  • First, You Need to Create Account for CoinBase

You need to get Ethereum, a famous digital currency, and the best way to do is set up a CoinBase account as it is very popular and user-friendly. It will charge you a little bit of commission, but that’s what everyone does, and buying cryptocurrency is similar to buying Euros and Dollars and paying the exchange price. You can also try any other place, and buy cryptocurrency. Just for example, here we are using Coinbase.

  • Download and Install an Ethereum Wallet (It’s a little bit like PayPal)

As cryptocurrencies are getting popular, such as Ethereum, several mobile applications have appeared making acquiring as well as transferring your Ethereum easier as well as faster.

  • Topping up your Pocketbook

You can move your Ethereum from CoinBase to your budget at any moment. We would suggest doing this before you reach the gallery. Just send the quantity of Ethereum you wish to invest from your CoinBase account to your Coinbase Budget ETH address. There will be a tiny cost to do this. It will be an instant transaction and will show up in your Trust Wallet balance.

Every piece of artwork is readily available to buy with Ethereum.

    • See https://0xowns.art/ gallery.
    • View the artwork by worldwide well-known artists.
    • Select the artwork you love.
    • Click ‘acquire now’– adhered to by ‘ticking’ the terms of the check box.
    • Click ‘Confirm’

And you are done with buying the artwork

  • Owning artwork as well as electronic properties.

You can watch your account and art collections via https://0xowns.art/. All your artwork will show up in your My Collections. Now you set up a price for your artwork, and if someone loves it, and gets pleased with your offered price, they will buy it, and you will get your Ethereum as well as the profit in your Ethereum Wallet.

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