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How to import a car in Canada?

Importing a vehicle in Canada is a strenuous and complex process as for retaining the safety; the Canadian Government along with the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) maintains strict rules when cars or any other vehicle is coming inland. If you’ve recently moved to Canada and along with other belongings wish to import your car from another country then Clearit car importing is the ultimate customs brokerage service that can simplify the whole process.

It’s our duty to let you know that Canada indeed follows a stringent customs rule whether the car is importing from the US, UK, UAE or any other country across the globe. Make sure- you have got all the legal documents in hand to experience a hassle-free importation of the vehicle.

The rules are a little different for commercial car dealers. For that, connecting with a customs broker can make things far easier.

Know how to import a car in Canada

Start with studying the Transport Canada website

Whether you’re a US exporter or a Canadian importer of vehicles – you’ll be astonished to know that it’s not at all an easy step to move the vehicle inside Canada. Rather, it’s a time-consuming and a multistage process for which you should have patience. Before starting anything- start reading the Transport Canada website where they’ve thoroughly discussed the diverse laws intricately. It’s necessary to know them before you lawfully compliance the car importation in Canada.

Connect with the RIV

You can start the process by connecting with the Registrar of Imported Vehicles or the RIV. According to the Canadian law, the Transport Canada always contracts the RIV to lead the task for ensuring that all the vehicles in the process of importations are abided by the laws frames by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). This is mainly done for safer exportation and importation.

Hire a customs broker

If you want an expert to represent you and do all the essential paper works and other processes on your behalf then you must hire a customs broker or a company offering customs brokerage services. Make sure that they’re highly recommended for their one-stop car importation expertise. Collaborating with such a professional will make the whole job of importation easier for you. Starting from connecting with the RIV to gathering all the clearance documents required- they’ll do the job correctly without allowing it into a much complex process by having the power of attorney.


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