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How to Make Money Online Realistically

Either you want fast cash, or you are looking into sustainable and long-term income, there are always ways to make money on the internet. Money making schemes are not that difficult unlike most people thinks. It needs hard work, discipline, and patience to make it work. But realistically speaking, there are seven ways you can make a profit using your internet. Some methods will give you instant result, covering your monthly expenses, groceries, utilities, and rent. While some will have the potential to change your life by providing you with long-term, sustainable and stable income.

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There are two things that most people look for in their life, more time or money. You can earn money, but you can’t recreate time. Once you have spent your time, it is spent forever, but not money. Money can be spent, saved, invested, wasted or earned. You can’t do that with your time. The point is, if you don’t have the luxury of time, it is impossible to make money online. It is not a get-rich-quick scheme. If you want easy money, forget about doing it on the internet. It’s true that you can earn money using Facebook advertisement, but without the right knowledge and understanding about the mechanics behind optimization, conversion rate and sales funnel, you are just wasting your time. Understanding marketing mechanics come from years of sleepless work and research in the internet marketing field.

How to earn money online

No matter what ways you want to use in earning money online, you have to make sure that your mindset will help you empower instead of discouraging yourself. Making money online is tough. It is full of hidden traps, and internet marketers are looking for ways to take your hard-earned money from you. The trick is to cancel all the noise and go straight to where the money is.

If you are interested in online money making schemes, you have to pursue passive income while doing active income on the sides. There are ways to generate passive income on the internet. Most of it uses blogs and generate traffic to build an audience. It is not easy, but the payoff is high. But it does not mean blogging is the only way to earn money online.

Use the app economy as a leverage

If you are looking for fast money, you can take advantage of the app economy. Today’s world is almost dependent on smartphones. Every service has apps that you can take advantage. As they say, “There’s always an app for everything.”

Uber or Lyft – You can offer ride sharing services using Uber or Lyft. It provides a stable and respectable income. It has flexible hours, and you will be your boss. It is perfect for people who have a full-time job but are looking to earn additional income.

Inbox Dollars – Another app that offers additional money is Inbox Dollars. It pays people by watching television, shopping or taking online surveys.

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Take advantage of existing websites

You can also take advantage of existing sites on the internet to earn money, both passive and active income methods. You can do buy and sell on websites like eBay, Amazon or Alibaba. You can also use sites like craigslist or Upwork to offer your services.

Sell your stuff

If you want to join the e-commerce fray, why not start by selling your stuff. First, you need to have your website, hosting account and merchant accounts like PayPal or Stripe. You need to design your website and build a following. You can use a sales funnel, do a lead generation or email marketing. After you finished the setup of your website, you need to attract traffic to your site. You can do SEO, Facebook ads and social media campaigns. It is a lot of work, but if you need to sell right away, you can use to buy and sell platforms like Amazon or eBay.


Doing webinars is one of the most potent ways to earn money online. Marketing experts often say that doing webinars once a week for one year can make you a millionaire. All you need is an audience you can train and knowledge about the topic you want to engage in. You can also do webinars using your Social media following. All you need is a product to sell.

No matter what method you want to use earning money online, you have to understand that you need to start somewhere. You might not make money overnight, but you need to invest time, effort and money to earn a stable income. Always remember, time is more important than money. You need to find ways to make passive income so that you can focus more on the things that matter instead of spending your time on a nine-to-five job with no stability.

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