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How Top Bloggers Use Social Media to Increase Traffic


You may see that there are a lot of bloggers that are sharing their content online. They get a lot of views on the videos that they present. They get a lot of likes for the pictures that they post. There are instances when you cannot help but wonder how they can do that.

One of the reasons why they may be successful is because they know why it is important to make the audience grow. Are you trying to make your social media more popular simply because you want more followers? There are more things in life than having a lot of followers. You can promote your page so that people will become inspired by what you can share.

It is also likely that you have your own business and you have a blog to showcase the products and services that you can offer.

Blog Often

This is one of the things that bloggers should not forget. If they want people to follow their blogs more, they have to show that they are active in sharing details about the things that they believe in. The more active they are, the more that they will become noticed. They can use their social media sites to inform their followers if they have a new blog post.

The more consistent they are, the more that people would love to check their blog and what they can offer. You can write some posts that will resonate with a lot of people. The more that they feel that they can relate to what you are saying, the more that they will follow you.

Try Twitter

There are some bloggers who feel that they cannot use Twitter because it limits the number of characters that they can use. This is actually the challenge. You have to make sure that you can get your message across even when the characters are limited. If you are looking for more social media platforms that are great for business, you can view a list here.

You can also share to your Twitter followers when a new blog post is up. You can add the link to your blog. Those who are interested will have no problems with clicking the link to check your blog post soon.

Share the Content You Have Created on Facebook

There are still a lot of Facebook users at this day and age. Some of your target audience may check their Facebook accounts all the time. The best thing that you can do to make sure that they will notice you is by sharing your content on your Facebook page. There are people who may like your page not because you are friends with them but because they are generally interested in what you have to say.

There are some heavy Facebook users who may also become inspired by your content and share the content for you. This can be great as they will expose your post to more people. Who knows, you just might get more followers after.

Place Social Sharing Tools and Icons on Your Blog Site

If in case you have not shared your content on your Facebook page or other social media sites, people can still access your content through your blog. If they like what you have written a lot, they will be the ones to share your content to the rest of their followers through their own social media accounts.

There are tools that you can embed on your website that will help people have the option to choose which platform they would like to share the social media posts on.

Always Use Calls to Action

Even if people are interested in your content based on the snippets that you have shared, you need to remember that people are still used to everything instant. Even if they find your content shareable and interesting, they might not know what to do with it. You can tell them to click the link on your profile so that they can be redirected to your blog. You may also tell them to tag their friends who can relate to your post. These calls to action will be followed by people who really think that your content is awesome.

Use Eye-Catching Graphic

You do not need to make your social media post text heavy. A lot of people go on social media not to read but to check out the media files that you offer. Let us say that you are a fashion blogger. You can add a picture of yourself wearing something that you have worn to go strolling with your friends. There is a very big chance that people will find this more appealing as compared to a long caption they wouldn’t want to read.

The best thing about using media files is your post will immediately stand out among all the others that may only use text to promote their pages and blogs.

You have hopefully learned enough details that will make your blog become stronger and more visited by your target audience.

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