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Is Los Angeles the Land of Opportunity for Finance Recruiters?

If you work in the finance industry in any capacity, you already know that you need to go where the economic activity is if you want to find opportunity. In a busy city like Los Angeles, you know those opportunities will come harder and faster than in most other areas, if for no other reason than the large, diverse population leading to diverse economic activity and the need for a thriving financial sector. The question remains, though, exactly how does the opportunity in Los Angeles stack up?

Weighing Demand for Finance Recruiters

According to data reported by major finance recruitment agencies in Los Angeles, recruiter jobs are in demand, but they are not the finance position that is in greatest demand right now. Comparatively, they rank highly, being the fifth most in-demand job in the city and making up a significant percentage of the total workforce in the sector. Here is how L.A. stacks up for opportunity and demand:

  • Los Angeles has the fifth largest demand for finance recruiters of any city in the United States, and it has the largest demand in the state of California.
  • California is itself the number one state for finance opportunities right now, so it’s likely that demand in and around L.A. will grow in the near term.
  • Finance recruiters are the fifth most demanded position in L.A., and they also take on the responsibility of recruiting for the other in demand positions, so they are vital to firms.


If you are looking to work in California, you will not find any better opportunities for financial recruiter positions. The city currently needs more of them, and since the financial sector itself is booming in the state of California, it’s very likely that this demand will only continue to increase. There are very few other cities with more job opportunities for this position, and none of them are supported as strongly by a state-wide demand for services, making Los Angeles an excellent place for finance recruiters to find opportunity.

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