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Adamis Pharmaceuticals Corporation, also known as NASDAQ: ADMP at https://www.webull.com/quote/nasdaq-admp, or, NASDAQ: ADMP, recently announced, that NASDAQ Qualifications Staff (NASDAQ) has offered a letter to the Company informing it that as a consequence of the closing of the bidding price, the common stock of the Company has been at $1.00 for each share or bigger for at least 10 successive days associated with business, the Company has recouped fulfilment with the minimum offer price prerequisite concerning NASDAQ. Consequently, the issue is now closed.


The preceding year, Adamis was informed by NASDAQ that the latter was not in observance with the rule associated with minimum offer price because the concluding bidding price of the Company’s common stock had bunged at less than $1.00 for every share during 30 consecutive days relating to business, which is the least amount necessary closing offer price for sustained listing concerning the Capital Market of NASDAQ, as per 5550(a)(2) Marketplace Rule. The Company received further communications from NASDAQ on 14th April and 21st April, signifying that the deadline has been eventually extended to regain conformism up to 21st December 2020. From 22nd July 2020 to 4th August 2020, the Company’s closing offer price regarding ADMP is observed either sticking at $1.00 every share or mounting to a bigger amount.

Adamis Pharmaceuticals: About the Company

Adamis Pharmaceuticals Corporation that is renowned as NASDAQ: ADMP (NASDAQ: ADMP) in the world of stock trading, is a biopharmaceutical company bearing certain specialty. The Company first and foremost spotlights on growing and commercializing explicit products by exploring a range of therapeutic remedies for curing inflammation disease, allergy, and respiratory problematic symptoms. The Company’s Epinephrine or SYMJEPI Injection related creations are FDA approved for utilization in the periods of emergency treatment including sensitive allergic reactions, counting Anaphylaxis. Adamis’ injection product candidate associated with Naloxone and ZIMHI, intended for Opioid overdose treatment, is at present under FDA re-examination with a marked date for target action that is 15th November 2020. 


Nowadays, Adamis is committed to creating supplementary products, incorporating treatments concerned with severe respiratory diseases, like COVID-19. Coronavirus is a dreadful virus, almost akin to an unseen devil who can take any form and enter anyone’s body. According to Doctors, this virus is invading the human body by stepping in through the nose beside the mouth. So, Corona leads to acute respiratory problems with a high fever. Therefore, Adamis has devoted itself to preparing remedies for COVID-19.

Besides, it is also creating treatment complementary products for curing asthma, influenza besides COPD. The Company’s supplementary; U.S. Compounding, Inc., composites disinfected prescribed drugs, and certain non-sterile drugs for the person plus veterinary utilization by clinics, hospitals, as well as surgery centres all through around the entire United States. You can buy stock share from day trading.

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