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MIB 700 Forex Trading Platforms Is Developed From MT5 – An Advanced Version of MT4

Meta Trader 5 is a trading software, which Forex traders use as a trading platform. Basically, it is a channel that connects your computer/mobile phones with the financial trading systems. Beginners can find Fx market overwhelming.

  • Is there a need for a broker?
  • What amount to risk?
  • What things to look for?
  • Which currency pairs to trade?

These are a few questions the new trader will experience, but there are many other hard decisions need to be made. A seasoned broker may be using Meta Trader 4 platform, which is a Fx market standard myriads of other worldwide brokers use.

Advantages of MT4 Fx trading platform

  • User friendly – Interface is user-friendly allowing every kind of trader to trade easily and comfortably in this volatile and complex financial market. MT4 can be downloaded for desktop, tablet and Smartphone.
  • Language – Worldwide users can benefit from all the data available on MT4 platform, in their own lingo.
  • Charts – Advanced charting is available, which allows the traders to simultaneously analyze technical aspects and trade. Chart style and colors can be changed, as per your preference. Uninteresting functions can be removed, so you get to focus on your own priorities.
  • Expert advisors (EA) – Traders can automate their trades by customizing EA features to suit their needs. Thus you do not need to stick to your computer all the time or miss any trading opportunity.
  • Communication – Brokers can post messages or chat with their members in real-time.
  • Profiles – Members can arrange windows and charts, so that it becomes easy to follow, each profile.
  • Security – MT4 is highly secure platform, which encrypts the sensitive data between server and trader. IP address of the trader is also concealed.
  • Customization – Full customization features allow the traders to tailor the platform according to their practice and needs.
  • Flexibility – MT4 platform was designed to support all kinds of assets including currencies, commodities, equities, and futures.

Meta Trader 5 platform has just entered the trading market. It is a latest version of MetaTrader4 but is more advanced and powerful. It has more timeframes, more technical indicators, and more pending orders.

MIB 700 is a trading platform that makes use of MT5. Traders appreciate MetaTrader because it is enriched in features and has extra trading capabilities than MT4.

MT4 versus MT5

  • Remember MT4 software takes less space than MT5
  • MT4 users are more, so experienced user support is readily available
  • MT4 is simple but MT5 is advanced and has vital plus points
  • Programming MQL5, you can create your personal technical indicators and trading robots(EA)

MIB 700 trading platform is more advanced, flexible, and customizable. It allows traders to sharpen their trading skills, even more. In addition, traders can obtain daily market analysis, live multi-lingual support, and quality training material for free.

The reviews of MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader5 are positive. Traders can consider MIB 700, a MT5 trading platform and enjoy high leverages, more market, deep analysis, chances for bonuses, mobile trading, and support.

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