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Motorbike Security Tips You Can Use Today

Motorbike security is one of those things that you need to take seriously, but there are many more things you can do than you realize. Each step on this list is easy to follow, and you should be careful to do them all correctly the first time. You never want to leave yourself open to a theft because you were not careful. Apart from the immediate financial loss, it will probably have a negative impact on your motorbike insurance premium in the future as well.

  1. A Lock

A lock that you have chosen for the bike should be selected to lock the ignition, lock the wheels, or lock the steering. You could use more than one lock at a time so that a thief will not have time to get them all off the bike. These are easy locks to find, but you also need to remove them before driving away. You do not want to become a viral sensation because someone recorded you being thrown from your bike after trying to drive away with a disc lock on the wheel.

  1. Get Better Locks

You need to get better locks because the cheapest locks are easy to break. A thief already knows how to get around a cheap lock, and they will break through it in seconds. You need to get something so nice that they will struggle with the lock long enough to be noticed. someone who is buying expensive locks might have an attempted theft, but the thief will not be able to get away before someone sees them fighting the locks on the bike.

  1. The Alarm

The alarm that you put on the bike should be so loud that it will alert everyone in your area. Most people who have an alarm on their bike will know the sound, and it would alert them to any problems with the bike even if it is outside their office or house.

  1. Hide The Bike

You must hide your bike so that people cannot see it. Someone who cannot see your bike cannot steal it, and this would require that you park it in private areas, bring it inside or hide it in spots where people are not looking. Leaving your bike out for public viewing makes it easy for a thief to find you, plan to take the bike, and get away with it clean.

  1. Ride Different Routes

Most thieves will learn your route, and they will come to your bike to steal it because they know you will leave it alone for several hours. They might steal it on a stop on your route, and they might even carjack you because they know they can get you at a stop sign or light. You should change your routes often so that there is no way anyone could follow you.

  1. Wire Your Own Kill Switch

You could wire your own kill switch that will turn the bike off if someone tries to take it without the key. You can learn how to make your own kills witch using an online video, and you need to put one in as soon as you have come up with a plan. You could have your own switch made by a professional, and you might want to put a lock on the kickstand so that the thief cannot ride safely. They will not risk their life to steal your bike.

  1. Conclusion

Everyone who rides a bike needs to take as many steps as possible to secure the vehicle. You could add many different security items to the bike, and you could move your bike out of public view so that a thief cannot find your bike or stalk you.

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