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Oilfield Services 101 – The List of Jobs You Can Apply

Look around you. The cars, airplanes, and the power supply, all these use oil. Oil is the blood that keeps an industrialized nation alive. No wonder the prices of commodities depends on this.

Did you know that oil is the world’s most important source of energy? Our ancestors enjoyed its benefits since the mid-1950s. Every transportation needs oil. Plus, airplanes that carry passengers and people use oil.

So it is right to give importance to oilfield services. Let’s get to know more what are these and what companies do.

Why Oilfield Equipment and Services essential to us?

Oilfield services refer to industrial products and services for oil exploration. These duties are significant because every industry demands oil. It is not easy to find oil, so geologist needs trusted equipment. Remember that these substances are flammable. Accidents could happen anytime on the field.

A sufficient quantity of oil means a growing economy. It reflects the prices of goods and the quality of life of every citizen. It is the reason why most economists study the rise and fall of oil production.

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What do oil field services companies do?

Well, they do a lot of work. They don’t work alone. Oilfield service companies help drilling companies. They will join hand in hand to set-up oil and gas wells in the field. Oilfield service companies’ duties include repair, maintenance, and manufacturing equipment used for oil extraction.

Oilfield service companies will camp out in the field. They will buy temporary structures for sale to use as their shelter. After drilling and oil extraction, transport services come in. They are responsible for moving both the land and water rigs.

Important Jobs Related to Oil Field

Are you looking for an oil field job? Here is the list of positions and their duties. These are just a brief explanation of what they do. It is different to work on the field.

Accountant – Like any other company, the oil industry also has a lot of paperwork. Their duty involves permits, field map, and other notable documents. If you’re an accountant or want to be one, you can check temporary structures for sale to help your company. These warehouse structures are best for fieldwork in remote areas. You can lease or buy your oil equipment storage. Visit us to learn more.

Truck Driver – Don’t underestimate yourself as a driver. Drivers have the most significant role in the oil industry. Your duties include moving rigs and equipment. You also need to haul oil and water away. It’s not easy, yes, but all is worth it. Just make sure that you have your driver’s license with you in applying. Experience in driving in with similar industry is a plus.

Geologist – These individuals are professional and expert. You need to be knowledgeable about how rocks, oil, and fieldwork. Why? Without you, there will be no oil drilling in the ground. The pressure is on you. No one wants to waste their time drilling in empty fields. The best geologist is the masters of their profession. The salary is high if you have 10-14 years of experience.

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