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Photo Exhibition Capture the Beauty of Mount Bromo

The two-day Mount Bromo Exhibition presents the results of a special collaboration of Indonesian photographers HasiholanSiahaan, Ali Masduki and Sabki, and French photographer Jean Jacques Kelner. The 2,329-metre high mountain that is a part of the BromoTenggerSemeru National Park is one of the most active volcanoes from the East Java.

The name Tengger comes from the legendary Princess RaraAteng, daughter of King Brawijaya and son of the priest JokoSeger who had a forbidden affair. Whenever we speak about Bromo, it’s going to be a neverending story for me.  Bromo has a lot to offer, stated Masduki. Apart from the Bromo collaboration, Kelner also showcased 50 photos taken in other portions of Indonesia, Bali, South Sulawesi, and Central Java. The exhibition was held in conjunction with the launching of a photo book titled FotoBromo, Negeri di AtasAwan by Hasiholan, Masduki, and Sabki.

The 96-page book features over 100 panoramic pictures of Bromo and its indigenous communities recorded with 16 to 35-millimeter lens 16Canon 1 DX and 70-to-20 millimeter lens Canon D70 cameras. Hasiholan reported the album was made to increase funds to preserve the traditions of Tengger people. Nowadays, many young Tenggerese prefer to work in cities. When the volcano erupted a long time ago, the number of tourists fell, and the community is attempting challenging to make ends meet. We expect this exhibition and the book will help to draw in more tourists to visit the region as well as to teach young Tenggerese about the value of maintaining their beautiful culture.

Sabki clarified that the alliance with his two buddies wouldn’t complete with the exhibition. He explained they are planning to explore Sulawesi Island following year. We are planning to have a similar exhibition, and we will start another photo book. Our next year’s target is to research Sulawesi and research a virtually extinct tribe of Farmalin.

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