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Post Grad Skills – How To Interview By Domenic Dicato

My name is Domenic Dicato and over the past few years I have been on many interviews with different companies and have encountered an array of different interview questions. In this article I would like to go into some of those interview questions and the best ways to answer those not so easy questions. First I would like to say it is impossible to prepare for any interview since you will never know what questions will be thrown at you! With that said it is most important to relax and not over think your big interview and prepare to the best of your ability. Lets go into some of the questions that I have been asked that I didn’t expect while on my interviews.

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“Whats your biggest weakness Domenic?”

Best answer to the question above would be to give an answer thats not really a weakness but a positive in the employers eyes. Saying you are a perfectionist in everything you do in life especially your work is a great answer. You always strive to do things the right way and believe good enough is never enough! You are the type of person that holds him or herself to this high standard and your weakness is never being satisfied since your high standard keep you pushing the bar to new heights!

“Where do you see yourself in ten years Dom?”

Its not easy knowing where you will be exactly in ten years especially if your right out of college and want to work in different fields to get a feel for what you enjoy. Best answer would be you telling the interviewer you see yourself excelling in life, someone that has worked extremely hard in his/her career. If you don’t expect this question you can be thrown off and may think the interviewer wants a detailed answer about your future self but the purpose of the question is so the interviewer can determine if your someone that is a high achiever and has goals!

“Can you describe yourself analytically Mr. Dicato?”

Odds are you have never been asked in your life to describe yourself analytically. The best answer for this question would be your a curious individual that likes getting down to the bottom of things. You enjoy learning new information and absorb new information like a sponge! You love a challenge and are able to solve complex problems by sitting back and viewing a situation in its entirety and come up with the best possible solution. You are able to go into deep concentration when it comes to problems and are able to think outside of the box.


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