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Principles of trading

All the operators, who work in Forex, look for the best results. However, to obtain benefits every trader must follow some of the principles of the Forex.

– Have your own operations strategy. Develop your system, always based on the different elements of the Forex market.

– Choose a reliable online broker.

– Control your emotions. Emotional instability can affect decision making. Learn to control your emotions and desires.

– Create your own historical data. Record the circumstances and factors by which you open or close each order. Review those comments to improve the results of your work.

– Learn from your mistakes. Analysis of the work done is one of the most important components to achieve success. It is important to be critical (not destructive) when analyzing failed positions and orders. With that information you can avoid future mistakes.

– You must have real reasons. Do not open a position just for doing something or because you get bored. Open only when you have real reasons for it.

– Think and act for yourself. The advice and analysis of other people may be useful, but not when it comes to smart online trading. Maybe you can know what the most experienced brokers think, but you should not follow exactly what they do. It is necessary that you make your own analysis, develop your own strategies and create only in your decisions.

– Operate only when you are confident to do so. It is best to wait for the right moment to enter when we do not understand the situation. It is important to leave and enter at the right time. If you do not have confidence, it is best to abstain. A pair of lost pips can not be compared to the strong loss of a meaningless ticket. You just have to wait to open the order when you think it is appropriate: The market will not disappear.

– Limit the risk. Use only the money whose loss does not endanger your family budget.

– Do not go against the market. Lack of experience is not the best to take risks. Even if the market seems to go up or down aimlessly, it always carries an address. To know how to take advantage of short-term fluctuations you must gain experience, minimizing risks.

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