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Suffering from Workplace Viruses? Call In The Bacteria Busters – Commercial Contract Cleaning UK Services

The main reason why employers request that staff members only return to work when they are fully well from sickness is that it is very easy to pass on a virus in an office environment. As a result, other individuals may contract the virus, thus causing greater disruption to operations. Without adequate office cleaning from a commercial contract cleaning UK specialist, viruses and bacteria will likely survive on interior work surfaces for weeks if not months.

This article explains the reasons why bacteria can survive for such extended periods of time and the key solution to restrict this from happening.

Non-porous Versus Porous Materials

Bacteria and viruses thrive on non-porous surfaces, rather than porous materials like tissues and clothing. The UK’s National Health Service (NHS) highlighted in a recent study into workplace illnesses, that unclean computer keyboards harboured the highest concentrations of bacteria survival in an office environment. Therefore, without carrying out high standards of cleaning procedures and using the right equipment, there is a likelihood of significant bacteria presence on the premises.

The DNA Behind The Survival Of Bacteria

Bacteria alter their DNA to live longer. Studies show that dehydrated bacteria – the type found on non-porous surfaces – changed its model from B-DNA to DNA, and then back again to continue living. Associate Professor Bayden Wood stated that the study helped to understand how dormant microorganisms can actively replicate in the human body and on surfaces.

Scientists from the NHS also reported that bacteria from an influenza virus could survive for up to 24 hours on porous surfaces, while a typical cold virus can survive on a non-porous surface for days. Consequently, the study showed that infectious surface bacteria might be completely removed via efficient office cleaning practices.

Which are the strongest microorganisms?

The bacteria named “Clostridium”, which causes stomach bugs may endure on non-porous surfaces for up to five months. “Norovirus”, another stomach bug, can stay on hard surfaces for many weeks. It can spread itself very quickly throughout the atmosphere in droplets when a person contracts the virus; then affix itself to surfaces and propagate.

Restrict Virus Spread in Your Office with A Proficient Contract Cleaning UK Service

The central element to minimising the issue of virus contagion is employing a routine office contract cleaning UK service. The reason for this is that professional cleaners are equipped with the right instruments to kill bacteria on indoor surfaces and reduce the threat of germs spreading. In addition to this, training your workers in hygiene risks, raising awareness and placing signs in high-risk areas, such as kitchens and bathrooms, will also significantly help.

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