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The Battle Over Cannabis Rages On

Cannabis is a hot button issue in the United States today. There is a growing number of people calling for medical and recreational use of cannabis to be legalized. However, there are many others that say that cannabis use is dangerous and that it is a gateway drug that can lead to the use of cocaine, heroin and other drugs. There are passionate people on both sides of the issue all brandishing evidence to support their positions. But this discussion about the role of cannabis in society is not a new one. It has been going on for hundreds of years. The middle ground is held by people that see cannabis as having legitimate medical uses, but are against recreational use.

Many reasonable people say the key to making a decision on the use of cannabis is more sanctioned research by respected, properly credentialed people. They argue that many people in the for and against camps are only bandying about anecdotal evidence to prove their points. There are a number of highly respected research organizations in the U.S. that are also in favor of doing further research on cannabis. They say the only way to know if the herb is a benefit or a bane to human beings is to do scientifically sanctioned research to identify its active ingredients and how they impact human health.

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Some private citizens have begun to do their own research by visiting websites like https://www.roll-uh-bowl.com/collections/accessories. This enables them to get quality products they can use to do some testing themselves. Some people see cannabis use as an issue related to the pursuit of happiness and say choosing to use it should be a protected right. Others say it’s a potentially dangerous public health issue that should be decided on by scientists and medical professionals. In the meantime a growing number of states say they’ve already decided and want to give their adult residents the freedom to decide whether or not cannabis should be legalized and for what purposes.

While a growing number of people on both sides of the issue are taking the legislative route to get a decision on cannabis use, many people are simply using cannabis to meet their needs and are willing to face the consequences. Plus in many states that have decriminalized or legalized the use of cannabis, some in law enforcement find themselves in a difficult position. Federal law says the possession and use of cannabis is illegal. By obeying the decision made by the legislators in their state, some law enforcement offers find themselves being forced to ignore the law of the land.

As the debate over cannabis use rages on, people are getting arrested, others are being denied medicines that could improve the quality of their lives and nefarious drug gangs are raking in billions of dollars. This leaves the masses of American people in limbo as they wait for the local, state and federal government to come to some unified, comprehensive position on cannabis use in America.


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