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The Exposures Plumbers Face

While plumbing may seem like a job that involves little to no risk on the side of the plumbers, you’d be wrong in thinking so. As with every profession, plumbers to face a range of risks and exposure to harmful substances as they do their job. These range from issues pertaining to the task at hand itself to those with their contractors and so on. This article helps shed light on some of the major hazards that plumbers face as they keep your home and buildings in good shape.

1 – Premises Liability Exposure

Plumbers may slip or fall due to leaks present on the premises. Outdoor storage is a ripe opportunity for vandalism to occur. Even off the premises, danger lurks. Plumbing is often invasive, meaning that it can affect the structural integrity of the property, causing a range of problems in the immediate future. Welding, if not done with care, can have catastrophic consequences. The buildup of fumes can severely impair the health of a plumber.

2 – Completed Operations Liability Exposure

This is a liability that presents itself when pipes aren’t installed as per the guidelines, leading to harmful leaks and exposure to bacteria. In jobs that pertain to large systems like sprinklers, a leak could lead to water wastage or even electrical short-circuits. And if the plumber deals with natural gas connections, carbon monoxide poisoning is a grave threat.

3 – Worker Compensation Exposure

This depends on the nature and scale of the job designated to the plumber. Plumbing insurance companies offer worker compensation schemes of all sorts. Cutting tools always have the potential to injure the plumber at work, be it cuts, scrapes, or amputations in severe cases. Open wounds need to be treated as soon as possible to prevent contamination. Exposure to toxic fumes can cause irritation in the eyes and skin. Further, burns from welding equipment can occur as well. Falls from ladders is unfortunately a common occurrence. Proper safety rules can help mitigate said accidents.

4 – Exposure Of Property

The property itself may pose a hazard in some situations. For instance, gas cylinders lying around could prove fatal if the plumber needs to weld pipes together. In the event of a fire, PVC pipes release fumes that can severely impair an individual. Adhesives used in said pipes are often flammable. If the building consists of a garage that repairs vehicles, the hazards posed can be much higher than anticipated.

As you can see, plumbing isn’t for everyone. While you may have assumed that it is a relatively simple job that is harmless in nature, these hazards prove otherwise. Plumbers often withstand a punishing amount of exposure to a variety of harmful and toxic environments, so that you can take advantage of effective plumbing systems. This applies regardless of the location because as the region and location change, the hazards change. They don’t disappear completely. Effective rules and guidelines can play a paramount role in minimizing and mitigating said occurrences from happening. Plumbing insurance companies offer a variety of schemes to protect oneself from legal disputes. But for this to happen, contractors and superiors must draft said rules.

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