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The dry and fateful question often comes, either via email, or during seminars or courses: “but how do you learn to write?”. We speak of professional writing, of course, and of how to learn to write brochures, letters, websites and sometimes something more complicated like a corporate balance sheet quickly and effectively and above all to write them without feeling that nasty feeling of panic in front of the page or the white screen. First and foremost, you can consult https://buyessayforcollege.com/write-my-college-essay.html.

What the Solution

The answer is simple and complicated at the same time: writing is learned by reading and writing a lot. That’s all. 

The care of the panic worked and the words that had entered me for years through so many disordered readings, so many short poems, so many long and exciting stories, finally came out through my fingers that trod the keys of the little Letter 32. And they came out fluid, credible, organized, read. 

  • The best texts are almost always those written under expiry.
  • Writing, in short, is a question of training. The more you write, the better you write. 

The real panic, now, is for me the one not to write. In the company it can happen that there are periods when you write less: because you focus on other communication projects or because the work of revision and editing is prevalent over that of real copywriting. Then, when you start writing, you feel that words struggle to come out, that they wrap themselves up, that the periods turn on themselves, that they don’t satisfy you. In this case, never give up, but force yourself to write, even horrible things. No matter the quality, that’s why the review but the training itself. Better if long.

Do you know how the texts of this site are born? Not slowly, in small pieces, page by page, as the structure of a web would let think (and could allow). 

  • They are all born together, during a long weekend afternoon, when I lock myself at home and don’t move from the computer for several hours. This is why my updates are not constant (I have to find the right afternoon, preferably rain) and for this you receive many articles all together, instead of one a week, as recommended by the sacred texts of online communication, to “retain” the navigator. 

Moreover, the definition of “personal site” – which many do not like because it would be amateurish – is the one I prefer and I am very fond of it.

But how do you train for writing? 

  • Writing as much as possible and consistently. Also on what does not interest us, as often happens at work. 
  • But we can train ourselves by writing, with rigor and method, about ourselves, our passions and our life. 
  • You can keep a journal, open a site or write a blog.

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