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Things to know about best gold coins

After the surgical strike on black money, or what we call demonetization people have no trust in paper currency and most of them are moving towards investment in gold. Many of them are interested in gold coins. But yes, take care of some points before investing in gold coins. For selecting the best gold coins, you must take various points into consideration.

The paper currency has an advantage that the value remains constant always. But there is no stability in the value or price of gold. So first of you must prepare yourself for this instability

Now, other things you must take care of before buying gold coins are discussed below.


Talking about gold or anything else, Brand always matters. While investing in gold coins, investors must take care of the safety of gold coins with a strong reputation in the bullion industry. Some of the most reputed best gold coins are like Canadian maple leaf gold coin, south African krugerrand, American eagle gold coin etc.

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“All that glitters isn’t gold”. There are no. of scam out there. Purity is the main concern and obviously, it must be, for buying such precious things and owning a pure gold will definitely give you pleasure feeling. The purest and best gold coins present in the market in Canadian maple leaf gold coin other purest gold coins include elephant, Austrian gold philharmonic coin.


Most of the refiner produce coins ranging from 0.5g to 100g But the most popular weights of the interest are 10g and less than.


This is one of the most important points which must be taken into consideration. Hallmarking again ensures the purity of gold coins. So when you purchase a coin make sure that it is hallmarked. Hallmarking is one of the identifications of best gold coins.

Resale value

This point again leads us indirectly towards purity. The one with high purity will have a high sale value. If you are purchasing gold coins with the intention of reselling them to get some profit, then focus on the coins which have high resale value.


As mentioned earlier there are a lot of scammers out there in the market who may take advantage of innocent people. So for purchasing such precious metals, you must be careful enough to avoid cheating in the transaction. A believable gold coins dealer is essentially more important than gold coin itself. So I would suggest that before you decide to invest to any of the precious coins, you should do plenty of research but now the coin actually looks like. According to, professional numismatic guild president,”if you don’t know your gold, you better know the dealer help you make a responsible decision.”

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