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Things you should need to know about high value watches Insurance

We all have fear of losing something in any point of time, it may be of our family members, your brother, sister, mom, dad or may be ourselves. You always worry about insuring them or yourself. We also have love for our belonging and especially when we have spent a lot for buying it. We would definitely like to take insurance for high value assets. It can be your watch insurance, jewelry, cars etc.

Here are some points which you need to know about watch insurance

  • Read Terms and condition carefully

World is not so good, you cannot trust everyone, you need to check each and everything before getting into any legal tendency. So, when you are taking any insurance for high value product then check in what cases you can claim for those particular products. What percentage of money you will get for that product value. And how long you are eligible for that insurance.Image result for Things you should need to know about high value watches Insurance

  • When you cannot claim
  • Do you know if you have taken insurance for your watches or jewelry and they got lost by some terrorism activities than it is not covered under that particular insurance.
  • If you gift a watch to your friend and do not change the name of owner of that watch, and later on if you go for claim for some reason than it is not allowed.
  • Damage by cleaning is not covered
  • Scratching on watch loss is not covered
  • Maximum Limit

You cannot claim more than 15 lakhs for a watch.

  • The period

You need to keep in mind that you can claim your insurance till 1 year from the time when you take the insurance.

  • When you can claim
  • Loss due to fire is covered
  • Water damage is covered
  • Any natural calamities like in flood, it is covered

There are many more legal things which you should know before applying and for that you should consider good company like chelsea-insurance.co.uk.


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