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  Tips To Choose Best Credit Card To Your Needs

The credit card is one of the best medium used for purchasing and bill payment. It is a small plastic card and very easy to portable. The Credit Card is issued by the bank and financial institution and it is used for the short-term financing. The credit card is equipped with some additional features such as revolving credit, reward program, globe acceptance, interest-free for credit period, insurance and others. Most of the classic credit cards do not have the annual fees. Once you’ve applied it. You can track your credit card status online.

Types of the credit card

The bank and financial institution offer the wide range of credit cards such as platinum credit card, silver credit card, gold credit card, classic credit card, entertainment credit card, business credit card and others. Every type of the credit card has individual credit limit and benefits. You can choose the best type of the credit card to your needs.

Gold credit card

The gold credit card has the higher credit limit and the customer with the higher income can able to apply for this credit card. The gold credit card comes with some additional features such as cash back offer, high credit limit, reward program, travel insurance, high amount withdrawal limit and others.

Silver credit card

This type of the Credit Card is specially designed for the employees. The employees have the experience more than three years to apply for this credit card. The person has the good credit history and the silver credit card has the low membership fee. The bank does not charge interest for first six to nine months on the balance transfer.

Platinum credit card

The platinum credit card is popular credit card and the feature of the platinum credit card is differing from one bank to other banks.  This type of the credit card comes with gift vouchers from the retail shops, reward point, welcome package, cash back, renewal gift vouchers, emergency credit card repayment services, global lifestyle and others.

Business credit card

The business credit card is offered to the company establishment and this credit card cannot be used for the personal transaction.  The benefits offered in the business credit card such as reward program, bill payment, insurance, business saving plan, fuel surcharge waivers, cash advance, travel deals and much more.

Advantages of the using credit card

The Credit Card comes with some additional benefits such as cash back, reward point, EMI options, grace period and others. By using the credit card you can purchase the electronic items, vehicles, and others by EMI system. The EMI option is the best way to purchase the product easily and also repay your amount quickly without any hassle. The grace period is main benefits of the credit card and the cardholder can defer the payment till their due date of the bill. The bank offer fifty days grace period to pay your dues.  The credit card firms offer the reward point for purchase the people make with your credit card. The leading banks give three to five reward points for each purchase using your credit card.

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