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User-Friendly Minimalist Wallet – Awesome Features

Finally, there is a user-friendly minimalist wallet with awesome features. These features include:

  • This is a SPV client built on Bitcoinj
  • No necessity for a server that is central to receive or send payments
  • Elastic to funding more user cases in the future
  • HD wallet – maintain financial privacy, generate new address for every payment
  • Tor support for transaction privacy

Features to come included

  • Built-in Exchanges
  • Cloud backup options
  • Graphs to envisage your assets and financial health

About them

This new wallet was created by an Australia founded startup. Their goals are to eliminate all friction and build monetary software for the 21st century which is the digital age – evolve from the industrial age to the digital age.

User-friendly wallet

They have built a great user-friendly Bitcoin wallet. Primary Beta releases will have only a wallet app, but in the future, they will have built-in Bitcoin exchanges, stores etc. This was made with love by a group of geeks from all around the world.

Digital Asset

Bitcoin is a “digital asset” and an arrangement for payment that was developed by Satoshi Nakamoto; with release of his white paper in 2008 and released open-source software in 2009. This system is purely peer-to-peer, transactions to be done straight without a middleman. Transactions are confirmed by net nodes and documented in a public spread ledger call the blockchain. The ledger uses bitcoin as unit of account. Bitcoin is the very first totally decentralized digital currency ever envisioned.


Bitcoins come into being by a method called Mining. So far around 14 million bitcoins have been “mined”.

  • Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer money
  • Has restricted supply – 21 million
  • Bitcoin is decentralized currency
  • Has a worldwide global reach


Bitcoin is an innovative payment network and a new kind of money and it leads the way in cryptocurrencies. There is hardly anyone in the internet world who has not heard of Bitcoin. Beginning of something special.

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