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What are the Different Types of CV?

During your job search, you need a hard-hitting CV that targets a specific job offer by highlighting your professional career. That is the best way of making your application stand out from the others. As such, there are 3 main types of resumes. You just have to choose the one that matches your profile.

The Chronological CV

This is the most used form by candidates. As its name suggests, this type of cv presents your professional background in a chronological order, starting with the most recent experience and ending with the oldest one. Knowing that a recruiter browses a CV in 6 seconds on average, the chronological style allows you to focus on the most recent professional experiences and/or training. This type of curriculum vitae is suitable for candidates who are experiencing an upward evolution in their career, and who can clearly show a career progression. If your most relevant achievements are also the most recent ones, the chronological CV is the logical choice.

The Functional CV

Unlike the chronological one, the functional CV which is sectioned by skills allows you to highlight the skills acquired during your professional development. By skills is meant the set of knowledge and the qualities required to perform the set of tasks integrated into a job, during a given period. This type of resume makes it possible to showcase your professional skills, but also your different personal achievements: study projects, volunteering, extra-professional activities, etc. This kind of curriculum vitae is recommended for candidates who want to move into a professional sector different from their current path, but which requires similar skills.

Mixed CV or combined CV

It is certainly the most complete type of CV since it takes the form of a chronological CV while highlighting your skills and achievements during each job held throughout your career. The mixed CV is recommended for candidates who have experienced a relevant professional ascent, especially if the most recent professional experience is that which has brought them the most success. The most difficult part if you opt for such a resume is probably make everything fit in one page, especially if you have too many experiences. The first thing to do is to only retain information that has something to do with the job sought. To make it easier, we advise you to use an online CV creator. You will find a one-page template that will help you organize your resume properly.

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