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What is the Best Way to Download Instagram Stories?

Instagram may be quite simple to navigate and use. But it seems the stories feature is not really that straightforward. It’s a new feature that lets you watch and download stories you can watch later.  If you are looking to download a video post you can watch later, you will find out there is no section that allows you do that easily. That is where the problem is.

Instagram does not include a feature that lets you automatically save a story from their platform. In this case, what do you do? Is there any way someone can actually Instagram stories to watch later without the app? Yes, there is. Depending on the type of device you have, you can follow these methods to successfully download Instagram stories. Check out this website to buy real Instagram likes.

Download and save in a web based app

This is possible with Embedstories tool. With this tool you can download and save Instagram stories automatically. You can save both videos and photos from Instagram stories. Its also possible to place the stories and display them on your site.

  • To use this feature, create an account with Embedstories or link your Facebook account and give the tool permission to your Instagram account.
  • At the section you want to download the stories, click “select source” and your stories will start downloaded automatically.
  • After downloading, a “my stories” section will appear in your account. This method of downloading Instagram stories is ideal for companies, groups, or those with several Instagram accounts. It will minimize the stress of searching and downloading Instagram stories.

Archive Stories

Here, you can save all the stories you have published on Instagram.  To use this option, go to the “settings” icon and click “story settings”. Then activate the “Save to Archive” section. So whenever you post a story, it will be stored on the archive where you can retrieve it anytime.

Downloading to an Iphone

It’s also possible to save your Instagram stories using an Iphone.  This option will allow you save a story manually. You can take these steps to save on your iphone.

●       Go to your active story and select “save” at the end of the story.

●       Select Video/Photo, depending on your priority. The process here is straightforward. However, you are supposed download each individual story manually.

Saving Stories in “Highlights”

This option has just been introduced in Instagram. It gives users the opportunity to choose highlighted sections on their profile after the stories have wiped out. It works like Pinterest boards and other people can view this section.

The main reasoning behind highlight sections is creating highlights that allow you to save and store posts and stories that are important. You can retrieve these stories later whenever you want.

To save stories in highlight, you can follow these steps:

  • Go to your archive or 0pen the active story
  • At the bottom of the story screen, you will see a highlight icon. Click on it and select the highlight section you want. You can also decide to ass a new highlight section on the page.

Downloading Instagram stories is no big deal. When you do it once or twice, you will start getting a hand on it.

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