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Why choose Juno markets? What are the services provided by Juno markets?


When we start trading, we look for the best market, i.e., a market which is steady, less risky and for some input it gives some profitable amount of output. There are various forms to make money through trading, but then one comes one name Forex who rules one-sided in the trading industry. Forex (Foreign exchange) is the most widely used trading system. It is given the most widely used term because the average trading figure is around 5 trillion$ and if we sum up all the other trading figure then also it is not possible to touch that mark. As per Juno Markets review, it is basically a Forex and CFD broker who provide traders throughout Asia. It basically provides access to currencies, stocks, CFD’s in gold and silvers. Headquarter of this institute is present in Asia. They aim to deliver long-term values to their partners and clients and to do so they provide a good environment to trade, personal service and many more things which make trading easy and effective.


  • Account management service is provided to the clients.
  • The institute is having more than 45 FX crosses including major, minor and exotic.
  • The company is having 400x leverages. (Leverages is basically an investment strategy which is used to increase potential return).
  • The company accepts all type of EAs offered to them.
  • It provides individual as well as institutional accounts, and they provide trading conditions for all of them.
  • It is very fast and convenient to provide a fund to the Juno accounts and to do so they provide multiple deposits and withdrawal method.
  • If anyone requests for wit drawl, it is processed on that very day and money is transferred in the 1-7 working day.
  • Multiple types of platform are provided to a different type of traders. In between Meta trader 4 and Juno, the difference is that Juno provides different offers such as a solution to the self-traded accounts, algorithmic accounts.
  • There is a trader room through which clients get daily ideas about trading also they get real-time FX trading signal.
  • There is a technical analyzer which gives some idea, and it is validated at 9 pm every day.


Juno Markets forex is one of the top-ranked broker institutes in Asia and the reason for this is the facility provided by them. Also, there is much fake news related to it, all you need is to ignore that news. So, it is safe to trade with them.

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