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Why most forex traders fail.

Forex trading and stock investment have become popular in current days. To start trading, a trader only requires only to open a CFDs, Juno account or any other account, and there, you are ready to go. Besides being easy to trade and invest, most trades have not been successful. In fact, only a few investors seem to make it in this business. An investor fails because of some reasons. Therefore you should note the trading is not just a simple task as most people tend to speculate.

Forex trading is not a get quick rich scheme. The problem with most traders is to have the mindset of making big money and not focusing on the possibilities of risks.  Remember, forex or stock trading is a risk-taking business activity. It’s all about speculating, and sometimes you may be right or wrong. Below are the main factors that limit traders from reaching their financial goals in online trading.

Poor trading plan.

The first step of any investor or trader in any financial market is to come up with a plan. Remember, failing to plan is planning to fail. A successful trader evolves around his documented plan and sticks to his strategic plans. These help the investor avoid some common trading pitfalls that most traders find themselves stuck. The market can be confusing and hard especially to those traders without a specific plan. Therefore, you may find yourself reacting to the market instead of speculating the market.


If you trade just because you feel you want to trade, then you are simply overtrading. You need to trade because trading is a business activity. Perhaps, it’s daily business to many. Trading is not like sales job where you get a reward for making the highest sales. No. Here you get money for making winning trades. Movement in the market does not always call you to trade, be strategic. Take your time and be patient, wait for setups to happen, and when they occur, take action. It’s that simple.

Lack of seriousness in trading.

You will be surprised at how most people approach trading with an attitude it’s a money-making venture. Of course, it is. Trading is business, and like any other business practice, you have to learn on how to perform well. As people go to school for 20 years to become managers and doctors, so should you note that trading requires such seriousness. It is not a shortcut to get rich fast. Trading is not a simple task; you must make an effort to learn, get better and become a veteran in this.

Failing to have a successful mentor.

Most veteran traders once had a mentor, a coach or somebody who helped them push through the trading business. A trader requires a successful mentor to help him, or she come up with strategic plans and learn more about how to be a successful trader. Yes, a lot of free advice is accessible on the internet. You can take your time passing through them and speculate or guess which piece of info is authentic. You will only learn to do it hypothetically, but will you learn to do it well? Working with a mentor is a shortcut to having a solid foundation on trading, and hence you will adapt to strategic trading approaches and start making money faster.

Trading is a business opportunity. You need to learn well before venturing into it. Avoid the mindset that forex is a shortcut to get rich, see it as a shortcut to learn how to become rich in future. Therefore, before you venture into it, be careful, do your research, ask for help from successful traders and build enough knowledge, and there, you are good to go.  

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