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Why this blockchain company stands out among other investment firms

Blockchain and cryptocurrency are among the hottest investments today. One generation that is adding to the surge in cryptocurrency investing is millennials. According to a report from Forbes, a survey conducted by Blockchain Capital revealed that 30 percent of millennials would rather invest in Bitcoin than in government bonds or stocks. The study also showed that 42 percent of people aged 18 to 34 have heard about Bitcoin, while only 15 percent of those aged 65 and up are aware of it.

Cryptocurrency investments are rising in number due to a number of factors. First, paper currency is losing favor thanks to the surge of digital and mobile payments owing to the popularity of transacting online using PayPal and Skrill.

Second, the global demand for cryptocurrencies is increasing, with Japan, South Korea, China, Brazil and the United States having the largest Bitcoin economies. Meanwhile, emerging markets like India, Indonesia, Philippines, and Bolivia have an even higher demand for cryptocurrencies.

Third, regulators and governments are slowly accepting Bitcoins. The Japanese government, for instance, said in 2017 that it would consider Bitcoin as a legal payment method.

However, investors should also take note of several facts about investing in cryptocurrencies as it is a highly volatile market—virtual trading happens on different cryptocurrency exchanges rather than on a single, central exchange. Another thing to note is that there are thousands of virtual currencies available to investors, the most prominent being Bitcoin.

Moreover, the value of cryptocurrency is in blockchain technology, a digital and decentralized ledge that safely and effectively records payments and transfers transactions. In addition to this, blockchain has plenty of advantages such as settling transactions in a faster manner over traditional banking. It also doesn’t require any middlemen, cutting transaction costs.

Global Blockchain—an answer to easier cryptocurrency investing?

One firm that is aiming to provide investors access to a variety of assets in blockchain is Global Blockchain Technologies Corp. (CSE: BLOC; OTCMKTS: BLKCF). The firm provides potential investors resources to make the most out of new blockchain technologies and to propel their growth. The company also offers resources such as initial capital, technical development personnel, and legal support.

The beauty in getting in on the crypto trend is that Global Blockchain Technologies allows investors to purchase cryptocurrency with just a few clicks in an online brokerage account. You also don’t need to know much about Bitcoin or blockchain in general to have your own crypto investing system.

Here are four reasons why Global Blockchain could help you start your crypto investing journey:

  1. Global Blockchain has a core team that incubates over 12 new digital currencies each year. They provide the funding for the new currencies in exchange for an equity stake and a percentage of the founders’ tokens.
  2. Global Blockchain can help you reach potentially larger gains thanks to its strategy of giving you exposure to top trading tokens, such as large-cap cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple, as well as access to upcoming tokens.
  3. The company is creating a portfolio of startups providing blockchain-based services, which leads to acquiring and tokenizing software that could benefit blockchain. One of the most recent projects it invested in is Kodak One, which needed to be revived. The benefit of this was that Kodak’s stock price jumped 321 percent following the investment.
  4. Because Global Blockchain is founded by Ethereum co-creator Steven Nerayoff, the company is working hard to become a multi-billion dollar crypto hedge fund and incubator, and on new portfolio purchases, ICO investments and blockchain acquisitions that will give investors the opportunity to invest in exclusive token deals.

Investing in cryptocurrency is one of the newest ways people can cash in on huge returns from the likes of Bitcoin or Ethereum. With Global Blockchain on the market, investing in cryptocurrency need not be complicated as it not just offers the most popular cryptocurrencies but also gives investors the chance of putting their money on newer forms of cryptocurrency not yet available to many.

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