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Why You Should Consider Investing In Singapore

Investing abroad is the ultimate way to grow your business and reach international status rapidly. Over the years, the investment destinations have shifted as new jurisdictions position themselves to support the businesses. While Britain and the US were the smart investment hubs about 100 years ago, things have changed completely. Today, if you want to invest abroad, the best place to target is the fast rising Asia. To be specific, you should strongly consider investing in Singapore.

Why Singapore? Talk to any expat living in Singapore, and you will get four key benefits of the country;

  1. The nation is very diverse
  2. The taxes are subtle
  3. Has a cutting edge business community
  4. Stable lifestyle

If you are targeting to start a foreign venture, an economy like Singapore is what guarantees faster growth and success because of government support and large access to highly qualified labor.

The key benefits of investing in Singapore

  • Strategic location

Singapore is strategically located in the fast growing Southeast Asia. Though it is a small country, the neighboring countries such as India and China that have very high population are only a few hours flight. When you commence operations, the business will have close to 3 billion people in the region to serve. Even back in Singapore, a creative company can still harness a very large population. For example, the Changi airport is used by more than 15 million people every year.

  • Singapore administration is highly pro-business

For the last five years, Singapore has been ranked top on the ease of doing business by different institutions. The latest survey by International Institute for Management Development ranked Singapore third in the Global Competitive Economy. Whether your business is at startup or simply wants to open a branch at the international level, Singapore has a very supportive regime that will allow the enterprise to blossom very fast.

  • An outstanding tax regime

When you decide to run a business, the main focus is getting subtle tax regimes so that bulk of the benefits can be retained at the company. The personal tax system in Singapore utilizes a unique tier system that ranges from 0{aa955c166aa18488544e22ee37e155faf9f105630a82e6f31f72aeae463d8b78} to 20{aa955c166aa18488544e22ee37e155faf9f105630a82e6f31f72aeae463d8b78} for those with income of more than S$320,000.

Just like the personal tax, the corporate tax for private limited liability companies with profits of up to $300,000 is less than 9{aa955c166aa18488544e22ee37e155faf9f105630a82e6f31f72aeae463d8b78}. For those with profit above $300,000, the tax is capped at 17{aa955c166aa18488544e22ee37e155faf9f105630a82e6f31f72aeae463d8b78}. Capital gain in Singapore is charged 0{aa955c166aa18488544e22ee37e155faf9f105630a82e6f31f72aeae463d8b78} tax.

  • Highly flexible immigration policies

Singapore maintains an open immigration model that makes it easy for investors wanting to relocate very easy. International investors seeking to come and invest in Singapore use the Singapore work visa and allow them to start operating immediately. Besides, Singapore allows investors to come and settle permanently by providing permanent raise their value.

Singapore administration has for many years worked on developing its infrastructure, developing a highly educated workforce, and supporting businesses for faster growth. This focus has won it a top position as an investment hub and every investor looking for a great jurisdiction should not hold back.

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