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5 Ways to Make Extra Money With Your Home

Owning a home usually ranks near the top on most people’s list of accomplishments. This is because it frees you from paying rent and allows you to do whatever you want to the property without the annoyances of dealing with a landlord. However, did you know you can also make extra money from your home and property? Yes, that’s right, you’re probably sitting on a goldmine!

In this article, I’ll show you 5 ways to get your home to work for you.

Rent a Room

Gone are the days of booking expensive hotel rooms. Nowadays, people want to experience a culture while mingling with the locals, at a cheaper price. If you’re a homeowner with a spare room, then you can rent out that room for extra cash and become a host through websites like Airbnb or VRBO. The best part is you control the price and when you want to make the space available.

Rent Your Yard

If you have a home with a large backyard, ranch or land, then you can rent out this space to campers. I suggest heading over to the HipCamp website (like Airbnb for camping) which connects landowners to campers.

Alternatively, if you have space for a garden, you can rent your yard to local folks who want to garden but don’t have their own space via YardYum (like Airbnb for gardening).

Rent Your Driveway

Getting a parking spot for your car in the city can be such a challenge. Therefore, if you have a home near the city center or commercial districts, you may want to rent out your driveway to people in need of a parking space. Websites like Parklee allow you to do this by connecting you with potential drivers.

Sell Unused Items

Selling unused items is a great way to de-clutter and downsize while at the same time making an income. One of the best places you can sell home items is through the OfferUp website and app. At OfferUp, you will be connected with buyers near your home. The best part is you can sell anything from old toys, clothing, sports equipment, electronics, furniture and many others.

Grow Your Money

If you have some land, consider building a green house or garden to grow cash crops, flowers, and fruits which you can either sell at your local grocery store, farmers market, or from the comfort of your home.

These are just some of the tried and tested ways to make extra money from your home. Before proceeding with any of the methods above, remember to check with the local authorities in your area for any fees or taxes to stay in compliance and avoid any hefty fines or penalties. Good luck!

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