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Mega sale of 15 Million cryptocurrencies by Solomon Exchange

Purchasing and selling of crypto currency are not a new term today as many people are aware of it. Beginners or those who already know about it are always finding the best place to purchase them. Many of the sellers are not providing the cryptocurrency in a higher quantity which most of us are looking for. The solomonex.info is taking a bigger step in selling the digital currency in large amount. A total number of 15 million is on sale starting from 28th August 2017. It is a new upcoming ico that will be helping new and old buyers to get the digital currency in large amount.

Safe and secure: The bigger threat that a person is having while using cryptocurrency is about the safety and security of it. For this purpose, the new ico Solomon-Exchange is providing a more secure wallet which is encrypted with safer safety features. One is able to use the wallet from their mobile phones or computers. With the ensure safety features one can be satisfied that they are dealing with the right dealers. Every aspect has been tested so that a person’s digital currencies are made secure while they are dealing with them.

Benefit during crowd sales: The sales are set for one month only which starts from 28th August 2017. The Solomonex is also coming with a new icon symbol which will be termed as smnx. During the sales, those who will purchase within first 3 days will be getting a discount of 20{aa955c166aa18488544e22ee37e155faf9f105630a82e6f31f72aeae463d8b78}. After first 3 days, there is a discount of 15{aa955c166aa18488544e22ee37e155faf9f105630a82e6f31f72aeae463d8b78} for the next 7 days. The discount continues after 10 days of sale with 10{aa955c166aa18488544e22ee37e155faf9f105630a82e6f31f72aeae463d8b78} for 7 more days.  This is helpful for those who are looking to purchase more number of cryptocurrency for future investment.

Integrated programs: Only the benefits of purchase is not there a person will be getting more number of assigned programs that are aligned with it. These programs consist of Referrals, Different payment gateways, Auto trading, Cloud trading and much more. All these programs are built to process in a user-friendly manner. A person does not need to have a higher degree of knowledge to understand the workings best cryptocurrency exchange. All these programs provide benefits while making purchase or sales of the cryptocurrency.  It is truly one of the best ico offers that a person can get.

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