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Answering The Hows and Whys About Travel Medical Insurance

Are you a Travel Bee? Do you believe in adventure and traveling with no regrets? So yes! This one is for you then. Life is a great adventure and traveling is like unveiling each and every chapter of the adventure. But wait! Is your travel medically insured? Does something like this exist? Yes. It does.

Travel Medical Insurance is insurance initiated to cover the medical risk and the cost incurred on it while traveling abroad. It provides a wide range of benefits to travelers from monetary recovery due to medical illness to medical evacuation.

  • Wondering why to buy travel medical insurance? : Health is Wealth”. Imagine you are traveling to Canada and the food over there wasn’t appropriate for you and you suffer from food poisoning. Medical expenses, getting admitted to the hospital can make a hole in your pocket. Though you might be having domestic medical insurance, that is only valid in your home country and hence by spending some amount of money, you can get medically insured and yes! Travel with no regrets!
  • Who should go for Travel Medical Insurance? : Are you an Eco-tourist or adventure traveler? Or a student who study aboard? Then this insurance is for you. Apart from them, Vacationers, Business Travelers, Service workers, Tourists should also go for this insurance.
  • All about the cost: Well, there is no fixed premium; the cost depends upon the age, destination, your medical history, vacation days, and level of coverage needed. It can cost less than $1 or even more than $1000 depending upon the above factors. To understand more about various travel insurance plans, you can visit Insurance Unicorn.
  • How does actually Travel Medical Insurance work? : So, Travel Medical Insurance coverage will start at the very moment when you depart from your home country and the coverage will last until you land back to your home country. Always keep in mind, the travel insurance doesn’t cover any illness or injury caused in your home country, it only covers the ailment charges incurred abroad. After purchasing the plan and submission of all necessary documents, you will get a Medical ID card which will include your credentials along with the name of International insurance provider. In case of any mishappenings, you just need to show this ID in the mentioned hospitals and the total medical cost will be reimbursed by the Insurance provider.

So! What are you waiting for? Get your Travel Medical Insurance now.

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