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Finding A Cheap Car Insurance To Suit Your Needs

It sounds exciting when you are about to buy liability insurance or a full coverage of car insurance policy. But you got to decide what the best deal is for you and to find the best deal you have to travel around and collect the quotes from as many companies as you can. If not willing to travel you can also opt for online option where you can sit at your home or work place and compare the quotes.

According to a research done by collecting rates from reputed companies from twelve most populous states in USA, here is what they came up with:

The report shows five best car insurers:

  1. USAA: The name is well known because it is rated highly by customer service. It saves you more with several discounts. This is a diversified financial institute that has been going strong for five years and has all the necessary approvals. USAA is available in all 50 states and it provides its services to active and retired defense personnel. One of the services they offer is cheaper car insurance compared to other banks.
  2. Geico: Geico provides their service to general population nationwide. They are one of the cheapest car insurance providers. They also provide discounts to their customers from time to time.
  3. State Farm: State farm provides four separate discounts which deal with safe driving and also accident-free driving. As per market share, State Farm is the leading car insurance provider. They provide vast range of car insurance products and also financial services.
  4. Progressive: For agent free and paper free experience Progressive is a good choice. Accounts can be maintained online. You can get the quote online and complete all the paperwork online as well.
  5. Allstate: This Company has the least complaints from the insurers and has a good standing. It holds A+ (Superior) financial strength rating from A.M. It offers price breaks for driving safe, and also savings for the drivers who has gone accident-free and violation-free for three years and again five years.

This doesn’t mean that small and regional insurers cannot give you cheap car insurance. If you search the market, you are going to get cheaper quotes from many small and regional vendors.

Getting cheap car insurance

Following are tips to get cheap insurance:

  • Search for discounted insurance rates:  Most insurers provide discounts based on mileage, no traffic violation etc. take avantage of such discounts. you bought the insurance, tell them, they will get you low-mileage discount.
  • Give a deep thought to your insurance limits and deductible: don’t compromise with your coverage because you are getting a cheap premium.
  • You should cash on your major changes of life: Some companies offer rates which are lower for married couple or domestic partners, you should cash on it. Also, if you are travelling via train or bus your risk for accidents goes down, so must your rate as well.

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