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Pros and Cons of TV Menu Boards

As a restaurateur, you do everything in your power to keep your establishment running to the best of its ability. Running a successful business is more than cooking up delicious foods that your guests will love. You also need a modern, updated appeal that makes it easier for your customers to order their food and see the products available to them. You can accomplish this by adding a television menu board to your decor. Here are some of the pros and cons of TV menu boards: 


-Saves Time and Resources
Instead of dealing with paper or chalkboard displays, you will have a large digital screen above your order counter. This saves you the time and resources that come with having to manually change the menu using materials that give your employees the ability to do this. You can change your menu from a device that is connected to the display, making editing clean and effortless.Image result for Pros and Cons of TV Menu Boards

A digital menu board is a captivating addition to your restaurant, especially if your board was purchased from Enplug. It is the first thing people will see when they enter your business and it’ll instantly catch their eye. If you’re having any specials or deals, you can put this information on the board to achieve better sales.

A TV menu board is modern and instantly revives a tired, old business. Even if your decor is lacking or you’re in need of renovating, the TV board immediately gives your restaurant a modern touch that is sure to delight customers. You can customize the screen to complement the colors and logos associated with your business.

-Easy to Use, Large Display
The large display makes it effortless for customers to see what food items you’re selling. Even individuals with bad eyesight will find menu displays to be easier on the eyes than typical chalkboard signs that can be difficult to read. The board is easy to use because you can change anything on it through a mobile-friendly app attached to the schematics of the menu.

-Real Time Updates
Because the board can be changed using mobile devices, you can make changes to your menu at virtually any time. If you should run out of a menu item, you can clearly put on the board that it’s sold out or temporarily unavailable. This prevents people ordering items that you don’t have in stock and avoids frustration and anger for everyone involved.


-Added Expense
The television menu board is an added expense in your restaurant’s budget. Regardless of the company you’re going with, initial installation can be quite expensive. You’ll want to budget for this addition before jumping in and getting one installed. Not only will you be paying for the smart television itself, but you’ll be paying for professional installation and setup as well.

Television menu boards require electricity to run, which means you’ll be without a menu if the power in your area should go out. This also adds in on your electric bill, which is another added expense you’ll want to keep in mind before having the product put into your restaurant. The board shouldn’t add a lot onto your monthly utility bills, but it will cost money to run like a computer or television.

-Difficult for Less Tech-Savvy Customers
If your restaurant has more of a senior crowd, you might find that they get annoyed and frustrated with the board. Don’t be surprised if older customers ask huffily to see a paper menu because they can’t understand the board. This option might not necessarily be advantageous to less tech-savvy customers and you’ll want to think about this if you find your business is attracting older clients rather than younger ones.


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