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Reasons why you need Health Insurance like Blue Cross in Moncton

Our entire living depends on our health, and getting sick can be a significant expense that we cannot afford. The current law states that each person needs to have some sort of medical or health insurance, which is why you should get one as soon as possible.

You can may get an insurance from your employer or apply for on yourself. But the question that we all have while choosing the perfect solution is why we should need health insurance like Blue Cross in Moncton in the first place.

We are here to answer this question by providing you with essential reasons why you should implement it and start paying for it:

  1. Unexpected Injury Or Illness Can Cause Significant Expense

Of course, the first thing that you will think when you see this particular point is that health insurance can also be expensive, especially if you pay it regularly. However, one visit to a hospital could cost thousands of dollars, and that much expense you will not have to pay at once while getting health insurance.

For instance, having a wrist injury can take more than 200 dollars out of your pockets, especially when you have in mind that you will have to pay for pricey x-rays and other additional stuff as well. Therefore, getting appropriate insurance means that you will be able to protect yourself from significant expenses.

Even though it represents a burden that you have to take care every single month, it is a way better solution than getting a massive medical bill after some unexpected accident. Have in mind that disasters could have a much more significant impact on your monthly income than paying a small part through insurance.

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  1. You Can Get Additional Coverage

By getting a small form of insurance, the company or government will cover your pre-existing conditions, which could be costly especially if you have some chronic issues that you have to take care of and regulate promptly.

However, some insurance companies will refuse to give you the possibility to have additional coverage apart from preexisting conditions, so you will not be able to cover all medical expenses with it.

In other cases, you will not be able to get health insurance because you already have a medical condition that you have to treat regularly. That is the main reason why most families and individuals decide to choose the appropriate way to handle their health without paying too much and getting everything.

  1. Preventive Care Is Important

Getting health insurance means that you will be able to prevent future problems and issues that you are facing along the way. Have in mind that routine checkups are something that will help you maintain your health and doctor will advise you to do certain things that will improve your overall health and increase healthy habits in your daily life.

You do not want to go to the emergency room to get a flu shot or to handle the issue that you did not treat before, which is vital for protecting your wellbeing. Having preventive care means that you will reduce the pocket costs that you would pay for visiting a doctor.

Have in mind that when you reach the emergency room or ER, you will notice a significant financial impact on your overall budget. Therefore, the best solution is to schedule an appointment with your doctor, and you will be able to save your precious time.

At the same time, ERs are not for people with small issues such as flu, but for people with real emergency and by going there you are reducing the possibility for those doctors to treat the problems that are more serious. Since most critical patients will have the priority when compared with you, the time you will spend in the waiting room could reach more than a few hours.

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  1. Society Would Be Healthier

According to various statistics, having health insurance will give you the possibility to become a healthier individual because you will not wait for the emergency to visit a doctor due to budget deficiency.

Therefore, the preventive care will provide you the possibility to enjoy in routine physical and other examinations, so that you can check and maintain your health and medical issues such as diabetes and high blood pressure, which are most common among adult people.

Have in mind that you should catch the problems while they are in the earlier phase before they become problematic and life-threatening problems. That will provide you with the possibility to become a healthier individual than someone who does not have an insurance policy.

  1. You Will Get Affordable Rates

The best thing about having protection is the possibility for your insurance company to provide you with better rates with doctors and hospitals. The more people have the insurance; the more substantial will pool become which means that costs will gradually absorb themselves and become more affordable than before.

Since large networks feature low premiums, companies and agencies will have to distribute everything equally, which means that if more people have it, the market will become more competitive and the prices for doctors and examinations would go down as a result. That would attract a new customer, and it is logical if you analyze the market.

Since the health industry works, the same way as any other, having many competitors will bring prices down, and even people without it would be able to pay. Therefore, the more plans are available and transparent, the market will reduce its rates, and everything will become more compatible with your lifestyle.


The main problem with people is that they do not believe that health insurance is essential for both individuals and industry. It is a requirement that you have to complete because of yourself, your family and the society you live in.

It is similar to driver’s insurance, so you will have to think through before you choose the appropriate plan that will appeal your needs and preferences.

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