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Smart Interior Design: Boost Your Office Performance with a Hidden Monitor Desk

The primary goal of interior design is blending aesthetics and functionality. When it comes to our living spaces or our offices, each corner should be perfect because we’re spending most of our time right there. The working environment should be well-designed and functional at the same time since we can work better in a good-looking and creative environment.

These days, you can’t perform lots of tasks without a computer, and that’s why an internet connection, a flat-screen display, a powerful computer, a keyboard, and a computer mouse are must-have elements in almost all offices around the world.

Let’s see how a multifunctional desk can improve your productivity and boost the interior design of your office, facilitating various tasks. Let’s meet Smart Desks Hidden Monitor Desk with flipITlift ® technology.

Take Advantage of the Multipurpose Designs

As the name suggests, such a design allows you to hide your monitor under your office table, and get a flat, large surface, suitable for various circumstances. Whether you want to focus on teamwork without leaving your office, or you expect some important clients to visit your company, your office desk, within a few moments, can become a multipurpose surface.

If you want to present your services or product to your clients, but the conference room isn’t available, you don’t have to waste your and your clients’ time – your hidden monitor desk can transform into an interactive presentation workstation.

Point out Hospitality to Your Clients

A good-looking and well-designed interior will help you achieve your primary goal – to earn more. The comfortable ambiance in your office will encourage your clients to engage with your brand, which will result in better collaboration, and acquiring new business partners.

If the lighting and texture and color selection create a comfortable environment in your work-space, there is only one thing you need – a hidden monitor desk.

With a smooth gliding monitor lift and a speed control device, your office will become a futuristic place. Without motors or electricity, and most importantly, without counterweights or springs to adjust, you’ll achieve the best results within a few minutes.

Instead of having a monitor at your desk all the time, you can hide it under the table by pressing a button, and your clients who are sitting in front of you, will be able to see you and talk to you without adjusting the height of their chairs or trying to avoid that large flat-screen monitor. Besides, a hidden monitor desk will solve another aesthetic issue – it will hide your cables, too.

Learn How to Feel Good Every Day

When it comes to productivity, there is no person that can work better under pressure than when relaxed. With pain in the back, you’ll not be able to devote to work – if, after a few hours of inaccurate sitting, you start feeling the pain in the lumbar part of the spine, you should introduce ergonomic furniture in your office.

Incorrect sitting and the feeling of dissatisfaction don’t always relate to your chair design. Sometimes, your desk, as well as the position of your computer equipment, has a much larger impact.

It’s possible that your flat-screen monitor causes lots of health-related problems. If the tilt and height of your monitor aren’t well-adjusted, that might be the cause of your concentration and back pain issues.

Luckily, a hidden monitor desk provides you with lots of advanced features, including monitor position adjustments. Whether your monitor wrights 5-15 or 15-24 pounds, as long as it’s 22.75” width, you should get your hidden monitor desk and transform your office design today!

The Bottom Line

This Smart Desk solution is suitable both for small and open space offices – there is a hidden monitor desk solution with more than one monitor lifting system. Improve your work environment with these intelligent pieces of furniture, and your employees and co-workers will become more productive and focused on their daily tasks. Moreover, your clients, as well as your competition, will be amazed by the futuristic and modern design of your firm.

Get your piece of smart and high-quality furniture integrated with the latest technology – flipITlift®, and stay ahead of the competition.

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