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What are the Advantages of Using Bitcoin?

Online payments have now become so convenient that it is now a rare case to visit any bank to carry out the money exchange. Everything has become online. And cryptocurrency seems like the only department in the online payments that have taken a step ahead. Quebex emphasizes on the advantages of using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

  1. Make payments easily via mobile

Bitcoins on mobiles let you pay with two basic steps: Scan and Pay. You don’t need to sign up, do a card swipe, type a PIN or sign in any way. All you need to do to get Bitcoins is to show your QR code in your Bitcoin wallet app and let the giver scan your phone or use the in built NFC radio technology.

  1. You have control over your money

Bitcoin transactions are fully secured. There are no charges to have an account or make a payment on your behalf. You can take extra measures to protect your bitcoin wallet as it gives you a complete control over your money and a stringent level of protection against all frauds.

  1. Bitcoins can be accessed anywhere and at any time

Bitcoins are universal. You don’t need any kind of software or clients. All you need is a bitcoin wallet address. You can add them to your favorites and send your bitcoin in a single click. Bitcoins are available 24 hours, 365 days a year. And of course, you need Internet to do that.

  1. It is fast and cheap to send money internationally

Sending bitcoins across countries and continents is now as simple as sending them across the street. There is no involvement of banks to make you wait for 2 to 3 business days, so no extra fees are charged for making an international transfer and no kind of special restrictions on the minimum or maximum amount you can send to anyone.

  1. You can select your own fees

Receiving bitcoins is free of cost. Almost every wallet has low default fees and higher fees mean faster confirmation of your transactions. Fees are totally unrelated to the amount being transferred, so it is quite possible to send any number of bitcoins for the same fees as it costs to send a single bitcoin.

  1. It protects your identity

When it comes to bitcoin, there is no credit card number that can be stolen by anyone. You can also send money without revealing your identity. However, you should take proper measures on your behalf to protect your privacy.

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